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1st Team Pitcher—Noah Murdock, Colonial Heights, Sr.

1st Team Pitcher—Cody Spencer, William Monroe, Sr.

1st Team Pitcher—Daniel Brooks, Spotsylvania, Jr.

2nd Team Pitcher—Kyle Darmstead, Brentsville District, Sr.

2nd Team Pitcher—Gray Goodrich, Tabb, Jr.

2nd Team Pitcher—RJ Payne, William Monroe, Jr.

1st Team Catcher--Trey Hicks, Poquoson, Sr.

2nd Team Catcher—Jake Berrena, Tabb, Sr.

1st Team First Baseman—RJ Payne, William Monroe, Jr.

2nd Team First Baseman—Drew Watkins, Poquoson, Sr.

1st Team Second Baseman—Matt Shuck, Culpeper

2nd Team Second Baseman—Rayvon Patrick, York, Jr.

1st Team Third Baseman—Hunter Foster, William Monroe, Sr.

2nd Team Third Baseman—Trey Kurtyka, York, Sr.

1st Team Shortstop—Steven Carpenter, York, Sr.

2nd Team Shortstop—Daniel Brooks, Spotsylvania Jr.

1st Team Outfielder—Nick Hunter, Tabb, Sr.

1st Team Outfielder—Austin Gault, Poquoson, Soph.

1st Team Outfielder—Jaime Lewis, York, Sr.

1st Team Outfielder—Dylan Shifflett, William Monroe, Sr.

2nd Team Outfielder—Reed Raikes, Colonial Heights, Sr.

2nd Team Outfielder—Josh Meyer, Colonial Heights, Jr.

2nd Team Outfielder—Joe Rutherford, Warren County, Sr.

2nd Team Outfielder—Kyle Darmstead, Brentsville District, Sr.

1st Team Utility Player—Cole Jackson, Poquoson, Jr.

2nd Team Utility Player—Dillon Cooperrider, Brentsville District, Jr.

1st Team Designated Hitter—James Williams, Southampton, Sr.

2nd Team Designated Hitter—Tyler Bryce, Brentsville District Jr.

Player of the Year—Noah Murdock, Colonial Heights, Sr.

Coach of the Year—Kenny Bennett, Poquoson

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3A? Thats JV ball ain't it?

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