Wakefield runningback Mefford

Wakefield runningback Isaiah Mefford was chosen as the National District offensive Player of the Year. (Photo by Deb Kolt)

Wakefield High School senior runningback Isaiah Mefford and Yorktown senior quarterback Grant Wilson were selected as offensive Players of the Year in the National and Liberty districts, respectively, for their performances and production during the 2019 high-school football season.

Each helped their teams win district championships and earn 6D North Region playoff berths.

After a slow start in gaining yards, Mefford ended up amassing 1,267 yards rushing and scored 12 touchdowns. He also caught 14 passes for 149 yards.

Mefford’s best game was running for 280 yards in a win over Justice, and he ran for 206 against Lee.

On defense, Mefford was a first-team defensive back and had two interceptions.

Wilson passed for 2,632 yards and 24 touchdowns. He ran for 315 yards and eight TDs. He completed 179 of 264 passes.

His best passing game was throwing for 303 yards against Wilson in the season opener.

Yorktown senior defensive end John Pius was chosen as the Liberty District’s defensive Player of the Year with two other players.

Many players from Wakefield, Washington-Liberty and Yorktown were first and second team and honorable mention all-district selections. The lists are below.

Wakefield: Making first team all-National District on offense from Wakefield were runningback Mefford, wide receiver Lukai Hatcher and lineman Luis Aliaga. Second team were receiver Izaiah Lang and Hatcher as a kick returner. Wakefield’s honorable mention players on offense were linemen Milo Clark, Ethan Richardson and John Stevenson; runningback Camryn Johnson; quarterback Cason Poythress and tight end Jermaine Johnson.

Chosen first-team on defense from Wakefield were linemen Hayden Bako and Aliaga, linebacker Joe Kelly, Mefford and Hatcher as defensive backs and Hatcher as a punt returner. Linebacker Fabio Perla made second team and defensive back Seth Novak was honorable mention.

Washington-Liberty: Making first team all-Liberty District on offense from Washington-Liberty was lineman Mario Estrada and William Murphy was first-team all-purpose. Second team were receivers Liam McBride and Bryson Files and Murphy as a runningback. Honorable mention were linemen Michael Mockler, Victor Splan, Elijay Hughes and Jacob Swisher and quarterback Andrew Bolfek.  

Chosen first-team on defense from W-L were Murphy at linebacker and lineman Jackson Praed. Second team were lineman Hughes, linebacker Otham Amarchih and defensive back Daquoi Moore. Honorable mention were linebacker Pedro Palacios and defensive backs McBride and Ahman Williams.

Yorktown: Making first team all-Liberty District on offense from Yorktown were quarterback Wilson, linemen Charlie Connally and Eman Schmidt, runningback Pius Atubire, receivers Max Patterson and Evan Rotker and kicker Jonah Garufi. Second team were lineman Dylan Hopper and receiver Brendan Rindusz. Honorable mention were runningback Ta’jaun Perry-Elem, receiver Seth Roberts and lineman Blake Buchert.  

Chosen first-team on defense from Yorktown were linemen Pius, Connally and Henry Sargent; linebacker Aidan Burnside, defensive backs Rindfusz and Roberts and Colby Distasio was first-team all-purpose on defense. Second team were linebacker Charlie Rowe, defensive back Porter Landfeld, Patterson as a punt returner and Garufi as a punter. Honorable mention were lineman Christian Mulumba, linebackers Sam Keenan and James Brady and defensive back Patterson.

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