Boston Marathon start

Runners start a recent Boston Marathon. (Photo from the Boston Marathon)

Entered in this year’s April 16 Boston Marathon are 77 Arlington runners.

They include, Cathy Ahn, Lauren Allison, Brent Allsopp, Matthew Angelico, Susan Ashcom, Liz Baugher, Jennifer Bell, Carlos Bonnett-Castillo, Amy Bowen, Cristina Burbach, Catherine Burke, Brittany Cain, Joel Cohen, Lavar Curley, James Defilippi, Jamie Delcore, Melissa Divecchia, Jaina Donberg, Carrie Dunn, David Everett, Jonathan Finer, Jacob Gilden, Michaela Hackner, John Hall, Sven Henningson, Matthew Howard, Nicole Irving, Emilie Johnson, Bradley Klimek, Margaret Klimek and Caitlin Koob.

Also, Gabrielle Labove, Daryle Lademan, Sean Laffey, Tammy Lamantia, Hannah Lee, Hilary Leister, Kimberly Markovich, Justin McCarthy, Lucy McCausland, Kathleen McDermott, John Meyer, Scott Milam, Stephen Mohr, Desta Beriso Morkama, Andrew Murphy, Michael Naff, Donald Names, Gabrielle Names, Matthew Olmsted, Donna O’Malley, Nicole Paraboschi, Rachel Penney, Pat Ramos, Jennifer Requist, Emily Rhoades and Deb Ryan.

In additon, Juan Carlos Sanchez, Armand Silva, Alison Smith, Bradley Smith, Katie Sprinkel, Erica Stoltenberg, Anna Suhring, Yuko Takakusaki, Julia Taylor, Eric Tomao, Graham Tribble, Nick Turner, Shauna Waite, Cindy Walls, Laura Watchman, Dustin Whitlow, Sarah Whitworth, Reynolds Wilson, Jay Jacob Wind and Brian Young.

Morkama, 32, won last year’s Marine Corps Marathon in 2:25:14. Whitlow, 31, was Arlington’s third-fastest finisher at Boston in 2017, the 257th male in 2:43:47. Divecchia, 27, led Arlington’s women at Boston in 2017. She was the 143rd female in 3:04:51, with Stoltenberg, 30, second among Arlington’s women, 176th in 3:06:30. For Wind, this will be his 33rd Boston Marathon and 23rd consecutive, if he finishes.

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