Chesterbrook swim team photo

Chesterbrook swimmers and coaches cheer from poolside during its home victory against Overlee on a rainy 21 morning that decided the Division 1 championship in the Northern Virginia Swimming League. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

Yet another Division 1 championship, and the third in a row, has been added into the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks’ rapidly-filling treasure chest.

McLean’s Chesterbrook (5-0) won the Northern Virginia Swimming League’s top prize on a rainy July 21 morning with a 238-182 victory over the visiting Overlee Flying Fish (4-1) of Arlington in the final regular-season summer meet for each team.

The second-place finish was the third in a row for Overlee, which has won 29 Division 1 championships in pool history, including the 2014 and 2015 titles.

The Division 1 crown was the 11th for Chesterbrook, with the overall division title the team’s 16th in history counting lower levels. The Tiger Sharks have now won 15 straight meets over three seasons.

The meeting marked the 12th consecutive summer that Chesterbrook and Overlee met in the final regular-season clash to decide the title.

“With this team, you can’t stop the go,” Chesterbrook coach Katherine Stuver said. “The entire season they have been ready to go every meet. It’s like you open the gate and let them go.”

On July 21, Chesterbrook built a quick 23-4 lead, but Overlee rallied and the meet was tied at 45 after the initial individual freestyle events. Chesterbrook began building its lead in the next three strokes, and was ahead 203-157 entering the 12 relay races.

“Overlee always comes out and swims well right away in the freestyle like that,” Stuver said. “We do not let that get to us, and always focus on what we have to do.”

For Chesterbrook in the win, double winners were Annabelle Francis, Colin Francis, Patricia Leonard, Luke Bernasek and Jillian Johnson. Single winners were Thomas Outlaw, Alex Wilcox, Grant DeWitt, Jack Gaskins, Quinn O’Neil, Nicolas Christofferson, Bobby Oremland, Andrew Christofferson, Arav Bhargava, Campbell Kuzmuk, Mckenzie Cory, Islay Hamilton, Ellie Leonard and Aliyah Majeed-Hall. Wins by DeWitt and Johnson pushed the Chesterbrook lead to 97-83.

Johnson set a team record in butterfly(29.34).

For Overlee, double winners were Alexis Lee, Kayle Park, Sully Portner and Kate Bailey. Single winners were Emme Yoder, Chase Rosen, Sam Ellison, Elysha York, Emmy Hart, Buddy Sleighter and Paul Kinsella.

Park broke the 15-18 girls breaststroke team record with a time of 33.46.

Chesterbrook warmed up for the dual meet by winning the league’s relay carnival on July 18 by a wide margin. Chesterbrook had 691 points, with Overlee second with 556.

Chesterbrook won three relay races, had four runner-up finishes and placed third in five events.

Earlier this season, Chesterbrook won the divisional relays, which gives the Tiger Sharks its first league triple crown since 2010.

* In Division 3 of the NVSL, the Donaldson Run Thunderbolts finished with a 1-4 record, losing to visiting Mount Vernon Park, 215-205, on July 21.

Double winners for Donaldson Run were Ellie Wertzler, Scarlett Bennett, Rachel Conley, Emily Brooks, Andrew Meighan, James Madden and Diya Redburn. Single winners were Grace Jansen, Ella Rigoli, Sean Conley, Peter Madden, Keegan Clark, Charlie Greenwood, Matt Vance and Emma Hutchison.

Donaldson Run won 22 individual races and six relays.

* In Division 7 of the NVSL, the Dominion Hills Warriors finished second with a 3-2 record and the Arlington Forest Tigers tied for third at 2-3.

In July 21 meets, Arlington Forest lost at Country Club Hills, 244-176, and host Dominion Hills fell to champion Kent Gardens, 258-162.

For Arlington Forest, double winners were Peter Huggler, Alex Hans, Natalie Martin, Emmy Gallion and Eli Martin. Single winners were Bryce Luncher, Leo Goco, Ines Bonzano, Maggie Yingling, Jamethiel Risacher and Mia Cachion.

For Dominion Hills, double winners were Nate LeNard, Clara Smith, Noah Swisher and Lily Woodward. Single winners were Maya Aguirre, Will Allen, Luke Anzaldi, Lulu Ax, Lauren Fatouros, Josh Long, Carly Norins and Will Torg.

* The Arlington Knights of Columbus Holy Mackerels won the Colonial Swimming League’s relay carnival with 212 points.

The Holy Mackerels won one race, took second in two others and third in three.

At the White Divisionals championships for the Holy Mackerels on July 21, multiple race winners were McGrath Marsh, Thomas Keane, Zach Rosenthal and Elizabeth Pilot. Claudia Moneymaker, and Bennett Hass were single winners.

For Fort Myer at the event, Nora Sherman won two races. Single winners were Lila Sherman, Claire Hystad, Anais Beauvais and Zach Berner.

* The Army Navy Country Club swim team finished second in the Country Club Swimming and Diving Association championships.

Audrey Pickard was a triple winner for Army Navy and was part of a winning multi-age relay. Evelyn Meggesto won two events and was on the multi-age relay.

Other members of winning relays were Amelia MacIvor, Kate Douglass and Sally Conroy. Maya Fitzgerald, Regan McGinley, Bruno Bruyere, Will Gillette and Adam Fischer won races.

* At the NVSL’s All-Star relay carnival, Tuckahoe’s girls 15-18 freestyle relay won the event for the second straight year, winning in 1:50.69.

The relay consisted of Arlington residents Evie Gieseman, Natalie English and Carolina Zubler. Caroline Flint also swam on the relay.

Gieseman now swims as a rising sophomore at Lehigh University. English is a rising junior at Yorktown High. Zubler is a rising Sophomore at Georgetown Visitation.

* The Oakton Otters (5-0) won the NVSL’s Division 5 title thanks to a 218-202 July 21 showdown-for-first victory over the host Cardinal Hill Cardinals, who finished second at 4-1.

Oakton last won a division crown in 2010 when it tied for first with a 4-1 mark in Division 4. A year ago, Oakton finished second at 4-1 in Division 5. Oakton has won seven division titles in pool history.

Double winners for Cardinal Hill were Emma Watts, Courtney Watts, Emmett Sanderson, Evan Sanderson, Brynn Curtis and Maggie Shi. Single winners were Eryn Cox, Daniel Lychak,  Reece de Kramer, Eve Henry, Caden Green, Jacob Blindenbach and Max Hollis.

No results were submitted from Oakton.

* With a 5-0 record, the Kent Gardens Dolphins won the NVSL Division 7 championship thanks to a 258-162 road victory over Dominion Hills on July 21. The 2018 crown gives the team four division titles in six years. The team has won 11 division crowns in pool history.

Double winners for Kent Gardens were Andy Li, Mason Weinstock, Flavia Carcani, Sophie Fredericks, Clare Brady, Eile Campbell, David Sheng, James Davis and Kate Li. Single winners were Helen Shields, Kendall Ussery, John Paul Gonsalves, Aidan Mcinerney, Mason Liddell and Gabriel Hanson. Carcani lowered her team record in the 15-18 girls freestyle to 29.06. Brady set a team record in 15-18 girls butterfly in 31.42.

* The Great Falls Rapids (4-1) defeated the Highland Park Hurricanes, 238-182, in NVSL Division action on July 21 to finish in second place. Double winners were Paige Hall, Megan Jungers, Adam Manley and Leo Song. Single winners were Isaac Bockman, Elizabeth Funkhouser, Alex Hanna, Laura Hanna, Kendall Heebink, Matthew Manley, Dasha Minsky, Sasha Minsky, Carter Reynolds, Katelyn Rolph, Ryan Saxon and Julia Toloczko.

* In other NVSL Division 1 action July 21, the third place Tuckahoe Tigers (3-2) defeating the Highlands Whomping Turtles (1-4), 254-166, and the McLean Marlins (2-3) topped the host Langley Whidthings (0-5), 265-155.

For Highlands, double winners were Ben Charles and Annie O’Shaughnessy. Single winners were Grace Berik, Diego Cruzado, Jacob Daniels, Gigi Dent, Monika Gartzke, Allison Martin, Merrell Palmer, Cecelia Russell, Skye Sunderhauf and Wiktor Wyszogrodzki.

* In NVSL Division 4 action, second place Vienna Woods (4-1) downed host Hiddenbrook, 232-188, on July 21.  

Double winners for Vienna Woods were Sophia Brown, Anabel Huffstutler, Luke Lauretti, John McClorey, Finn McIntyre and Carly Schweers. Single winners were Andrew Denman-Grimm, Ben Denman-Grimm, Joshua Huang, Isabelle Jackson, Holly Lauer, Natalie Lauer, Sophia Manning, Anna Miller, Kai Molter, Graham Rowan, Ben Shroeder and Kristen Womack. 

Vienna Woods won the Division 4 Relay Carnival and placed 12th overall at the NVSL All-Star Relay Carnival.

* In other NVSL July 21 action involving local teams, McLean’s Hamlet (2-3) lost to Fairfax, 227-193, in Division 2 where Vienna Aquatic Club (0-5) fell to host Dowden Terrace, 246-174; Oakton’s Hunter Mill (2-3) lost to Hunt Valley, 220-20, in Division 3; Vienna’s Lakevale Estates (1-4) fell to Ravensworth Farm, 216-204, in Division 4; Dunn Loring (2-3) defeated Poplar Tree, 240-180, in Division 5; and Vienna’s Shouse Village (1-4) was downed by Stratford, 222-198, in Division 12.

No other information about those meets was submitted to the Sun Gazette.

* Riverbend Country Club won its ninth straight Dominion Country Club League division championship thanks to a 312-204 victory over visiting Trump National on July 21.

Riverbend finished the regular season with a 5-0 record (4-0 in the Blue Division). The team has now won 48 straight matches over a 10-year period.

At the league’s relay carnival July 15 at Riverbend, the host had a strong showing. Riverbend won 11 relays, had seven runnerup finishes and were third in four races.

In another Blue Division July 21, Westwood (3-2, 2-2) defeated International, 318-197.

Check back later for more information about Riverbend results.

* At the NVSL’s all-star relay carnival on July 18, the Cardinal Hill mixed-age freestyle relay team of Courtney Watts, Emma Watts, Maggie Shi and Brynn Curtiswith set a new league record in 1:54.89; and boys mixed-age Hamlet freestyle team of Ryan Bradshaw, Alex Andrews, Johnny Bradshaw and David DiMeglio set a mark of 1:48.76.

NOTE: Vienna Aquatic Club was the last team other than Overlee or Chesterbrook to win the NVSL’s Division 1 title. That was in 2005 when the Gators finished 5-0.

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