Tiger Sharks cheering

Members of the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks cheer on teammates from poolside July 20 against Overlee. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

The dominance of the summertime Northern Virginia Swimming League continued for the Chesterbrook Tiger Sharks on July 20 with a fourth-straight Division 1 championship.

Chesterbrook (5-0) clinched the title and its 20th win in a row by defeating the host Overlee Flying Fish, 244.5-175.5, in the regular-season final for each team. Overlee finished second for the fourth year in a row with a 4-1 mark.

The Division 1 crown was Chesterbrook’s 12th, with the Tiger Sharks having 17 NVSL division championships overall.

The only other time Chesterbrook won four straight Division 1 titles, also with all 5-0 records, was from 2001 to 2004.

“It’s all about momentum and energy, and freestyle was a nice way for us to start and we kept building after that,” Chestebrook coach Katherine Stuver said about the July 20 meet.

In that showdown, Chesterbrook won three of the meet’s first four individual races in freestyle, and had 21 wins overall. Overlee had 19. The Tiger Sharks had 27 second-place finishes and won seven relays. Also, Chesterbrook swept the top three places in seven races. Those 63 points in the sweeps were too much to overcome for the Flying Fish.

“It’s the team. We really performed as a team,” Stuver said. “There is just something magical about Chesterbrook.”

Double race winners against Overlee for Chesterbrook were Keira Gutierrez, Manuel Maher and Ryan Soh. Single winners were Jenna Zee, Chiara Mizzo, Caroline Burgeson, McKenzie Cory, Catherine Sheridan, Charlotte Wood, Ellie Leonard, Taylor Shen, Jillian Johnson, Maddox Cory, Luke Bernasek, Bobby Oremland, Stirling Hamilton, Tyler Lentine and Thomas Outlaw.

Johnson set two team records in backstroke and butterfly.

Prior to the showdown with Overlee, Chesterbrook won the NVSL All-Star Relay Carnival on July 17 with 690 points, winning three races, taking second in five others and third in two.

NOTE: Either Chesterbrook or Overlee has won the Division 1 title every year since Vienna Aquatic Club finished first in 2005, and one or the other has been second all but one time since 2006.

* Other than Chesterbrook in Division 1, the Kent Gardens Dolphins (4-1) in Division 5 were the only other NVSL 2019 team champion from the Sun Gazette’s coverage areas of Fairfax County this summer.

Kent Gardens won title by tying for first with Orange Hunt (4-1) and Sideburn Run (4-1) by defeating host Orange Hunt, 244-176, on July 20. The division crown was the second in a row for the Dolphins, who won Division 7 last summer, the fifth in seven years and the 12th division championship overall in pool history.

Double winners for Kent Gardens were Andy Li, Sophie Fredericks, Louis Tucker, Ashlyn Ussery, Mason Weinstock, Declan Nguyen, Caroline King and Blake Nguyen. Single winners were James Davis, Samantha Lombardi, Alexandra Lombardi, Clare Brady, Nicholas Gray, Ava Zhang, Addie Mcinerney, Aidan Mcinerney, Flavia Carcani and Harrison Weinstock.

Tucker, Le and Weinstock set team records.

* In Division 2 of the NVSL, the Hamlet Green Feet (4-1) finished second with a 251-169 win over Little Rocky Run on July 20.

Double winners for Hamlet were Ryan Bradshaw, Morgan Kass, Erin Kass, Katie Mack, Emme McMichael, Trent McMichael, Charlie Palma, Mackenzie Ross and Bennett Steele.

Also in Division 2, the Langley Wildthings (3-2) finished third with a 272-148, victory over Fairfax. Double winners for Langley were Landon Miller, Evan Poulos, Luke Watson, Luca Sanchez, Jack Singleton, David Bulford, Marina Watson, Izzy Schone, Evelyn Volovar and Cleia Jones. Single winners were Brady Quinn, Ale Wick, Collin Troy, Gabriel Jemio, Liliana Schone, Tessa Jones and Kate Walter.

* In Division 4 of the NVSL on July 20, the Vienna Aquatic Club Gators (3-2) tied for second with a 221.5-198.5 victory over Hiddenbrook.

Double winners for Vienna Aquatic were Corinne Bendza, Beckett Cummins, Jack Galbraith and Annika Rieger. Single winners were Jace Atkinson, Kate Bagley, Darby Galbraith, Anna Keating, Aidan O’Toole, Owen O’Toole, Corban Paganini, Alessandra Pezzimenti, Natalia Pezzimenti, Brayden Philpott, Matthew Schlueter, Charlie Zuhoski and Olivia Zuhoski.

Also in Division 4 July 20, the Cardinal Hill Cardinals (2-3) lost to Fair Oaks, 234-186. Double winners for Cardinal Hill were Julia Lee, Courtney Watts, Brynn Curtis and Emma Watts. Single winners were Becca Berg, Cole Pointkowski, Teagan Hastings, Alex Hutoron, Meghan Savage, McKenna Green, E.G. Cate, Isabel McCasky and Isabel Butler.

* Vienna Woods (1-4) and Hunter Mill (0-5) ended their Division 3 seasons in the NVSL with July 20 losses to Crosspointe, 263-157, and Donaldson Run, 267-153, respectively. There were no other information submitted from Vienna Woods or Hunter Mill.

* In Division 6 of the NVSL of the on July 20, the Lakevale Estates Dolphins (2-3) and Dunn Loring Dolphins (1-3-1) defeated Greenbriar, 223-197, and lost to Pinecrest, 226-189, respectively. There was no other information submitted from Lakevale and Dunn Loring.

* In other July 20 NVSL Division 1 meets, the third-place Tuckahoe Tigers (3-2) defeated the McLean Marlins (1-4), 270.5-149.5, in all all-McLean showdown and the Highlands Whomping Turtles (2-3) of McLean routed Wakefield Chapel, 275-145.

For McLean, Camila Ennaboulssi was a double winner. Single winners were Janni Weeks, Billy Costello, Sophie Gregorian, Niall Doran, Maria Cristina Restrepo, Jack Forde, Victoria Valko, Declan Sheeran and J.J. Horsfield.

Victoria Valko broke a McLean team record in the girls 13-14 backstroke (30.88). There was no submission from Tuckahoe.

For Highlands, double winners were Evan Farley, Yuto Matsuki, Lucy  Moellering, Maggie O’Shaughnessy, Curan Palmer, Merrell Palmer, Charlie Scogna and Wiktor Wyszogrodzki. Single winners were Megan Craven, Bridget Morris Larkin, K.J. Morris Larkin, Allison Martin, Cecelia Russell, Mary Mac Tolar, Oliver Tolar, Tyson Walther, Jackson Wright and Rio Walther.

Adair Sand set a record in the girls 15-18 backstroke (31.99).

* For the Oakton Otters (2-3) in Division 4 of the NVSL on July 20 they lost to Virginia Run, 224-196.

Double winners for Oakton were Nick Highman, Leena Knepper, Taryn Knepper and Beau Souders. Single winners were Ben Hansen, James Hayden, Eric Koplaski, Catherine Lim, Abigail Limkin, Malcom McLenahan, James Piccolo, Ethan Piccolo, Laura Roth, Isabel Seigne, Mitchell Thomas and Emerican Wilson. 

* The Great Falls Rapids (2-3) edged Riverside Gardens, 216-204, in their final Division 9 meet of the NVSL season July 20.

Double winners for Great Falls were Peter Baird, Benjamin Bertin, Isaac Bockman, Paige Hall, Megan Jungers, Adam Manley, Kate Reynolds and Leo Song. Single winners were Mia Deames, Josephine Fitzmaurice, Corrine Jaggard, Katie Merrill, Katelyn Rolph and Eric Walkenhorst.

* In Division 13 of the NVSL on July 13, the Shouse Village Sharks (2-3) lost to Stratford, 225-195, in their final meet. No other information was submitted by Shouse Village.

* With a 270-210 home victory over Fairfax on July 20, the Riverbend Stingrays (5-0, 4-0) continued their dominance in the top division of the summer Dominion Country Club Swimming League. Riverbend has won 10 straight division titles and has now won 53 straight meets over 10 seasons.

Also in July 20 Dominion Blue Division action, Westwood (3-1, 4-1) routed Trump National, 313.5-202.5.

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