Washington-Liberty mound

The mound at the Quincy Park field in Arlington was not repaired after recently being used. (From Washington-Liberty baseball)

To those who fail to follow a commonsense and longstanding unwritten rule of sports – how rude!

It’s simple. This is basic courtesy. When finished using any athletic field or sports facility, tidy up please and leave it in at least the same condition it was found, if not better. Yet, it’s frustrating how often this doesn’t occur.

The most common sports sites left in such upkept repair are baseball fields in general and dirt pitching mounds in particular. Mounds should always be properly raked and tamped down after use.

Same with the batters’-box area and around home plate and the three bases. Rake to fill in all the holes and even out the surface.

Without proper permission, the mound on the Quincy Park field in Arlington recently was used and, no surprise, not reshaped by the rulebreaker. The tarp that covered the mound wasn’t even replaced to hide the slop and mess created. 

That’s so typical of the selfishness.

Field dugouts and bench areas should always be left trash-and-clutter free, and gates to athletic fields closed. That often doesn’t happen, either.

At the tennis courts at one community swimming pool, the height of the nets were adjusted lower and temporary lines were taped on the surface so pickleball could be played. When finished, the participants did not take up the lines or reset the net to the proper tennis dimensions. Very rude.

Sometimes lane dividers at swimming pools are changed for a different type of use, then not reconfigured upon completion.

Adjustable basketball goals are often lowered from the standard 10-feet to maybe eight, especially for use by young players. Then, when older players arrive to play some pickup, they find the hoops way too low. 

Such unthoughtful and inconsiderate ways continue to go on and on. "Come on now," as Washington-Liberty baseball coach Kevin Healy said about the status of the Quincy field.

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