McLean LL softball huddle

Players and coaches huddle during a McLean Little League girls intra-squad all-star softball game. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

Thanks to some vision, imagination and dogged determination, diligence and hard work, there were plenty of local sports to follow during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic summer.

Many sports leagues threw in the towel and canceled summer seasons because of the pandemic and resulting government shutdown orders.

Others, though, instead got busy figuring out ways and putting plans into place to hold different competitions, while abiding by and creating ways to keep participants and spectators safely apart.

That was pulled off by a number of different summer sports that were held, most occurring in July and early to mid-August.

McLean Little League played shortened baseball and softball seasons, then selected all-star teams.

The first-year Northern Virginia Collegiate League was created and became highly popular for more than 150 baseball players.

A one-day, eight-team high-school boys lacrosse tournament was held, consisting of perennial Northern Region public-school powers.

The local American Legion baseball season was canceled. But that didn’t stop league managers and administrators from organizing an independent summer campaign instead.

Little League and Babe Ruth baseball was played in Arlington.

The Arlington Girls Softball Association fielded teams.

Neighborhood swimming and diving teams held practices and intra-squad meets.

Vienna Little League has organized its first hit-a-thon.

A number of coaches have taken to the Internet to create shows with various sports topics.

The Washington & Old Dominion Regional Trail has been left open for bikers, runners, walkers, riders, skaters and many others.

Yes, sports are alive and well.

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