Waters Field photo

The concessions stand at Waters Field in Vienna.

It’s an annual summer joy.

That pleasure is watching any baseball game played at Waters Field in Vienna or Quincy Park in Arlington during the hot summer months of July and August.

There is so much to like about the urban venues, with a lot of activity and so much going on all around, beyond the action taking place on the baseball diamond.

At Waters Field, there are girls softball games on fields behind the (baseball) outfield fence often taking place simultaneously. The Vienna Community Center is right there as well, along with a fire station, a church and an elementary school. The Vienna police station is about a block or so away.

There are bike riders, dog walkers, joggers and walkers passing by. With so much there, it’s not unusual for an ice cream truck to pull up, park, and wait for customers to flock its way. Vienna Inn chili dogs are sold at the Waters concessions stand.

Many activities are the same, and just as busy, at the Quincy site, if not busier. There is a high school and library right there; bus stops; a recycling center; and outdoor tennis, basketball and volleyball courts. Like at Waters, there are multiple girls softball fields nearby with contests ongoing.

(There always seems to be more cheering and fan activity during girls softball games than at many of the  baseball games.)

 Basically, there is never a dull moment at Quincy or Waters. If the baseball game is slow moving and dull, just walk around. Likely something will be found that’s more entertaining.

Chasing and finding foul balls often is an adventure at the two sites because there are so many odd spots for baseballs to wind up, roll under or in and get hidden

With weather conditions often hot, there are trees at each field where spectators can find cool shade.

Two summer joys for sure.

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