Egan Calhoun, center, Battlefield, senior

Frank Brunet, lineman, Battlefield senior

Jakai Moore, lineman, Patriot, senior

Vincent Nguyen, lineman, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Seth Kasten, lineman, Osbourn, senior

Reilly Pettit, lineman, Osbourn Park, senior

Ryan Coll, tight end, Battlefield, senior

Jalen Smalls, wide receiver, Patriot, sophomore

Tyler Settle, wide receiver, Patriot, junior

Elijah Reese, wide receiver, Stonewall Jackson, junior

Jacob Carter, running back, Patriot, junior

Anthony Smoot, running back, Osbourn Park, senior

Xander Albea, running back, Stonewall Jackson, sophomore

Tyler Birge, kicker, Patriot, senior

Anthony Smoot, kick returner, Osbourn Park, senior

Hunter Key, all-purpose, Battlefield, senior

Chris Sonnenberg, quarterback, Patriot, senior

Player of the year: Chris Sonnenberg, Patriot


Trajon Richards, lineman, Battlefield, junior

Daniel Davis, lineman, Patriot, senior

Thomas Johnson, lineman, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Ryan Coll, end, Battlefield, senior

Tyleik Williams, end, Stonewall Jackson, sophomore

Alex Ward, linebacker, Battlefield, junior

Joey Lacey, linebacker, Patriot, sophomore

Shawn Murphy, linebacker, Stonewall Jackson, freshman

Jalen Stroman, back, Patriot, sophomore

Kyle Canestra, back, Battlefield, senior

Devin Whitaker, back, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Anthony Smoot, back, Osbourn Park, senior

Abraham Escobar, punter, Osbourn, sophomore

Antonio White, punt returner, Osbourn, senior

Chayce Chalmers, all-purpose, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Player of the year: Tyleik Williams, Stonewall Jackson

Coach of the year: Brud Bicknell, Patriot


Joseph Asamoah, center, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Riley Fox, lineman, Battlefield, senior

Daniel Davis, lineman, Patriot, senior

Kwabena Mensah, lineman, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Isaac Owusu, lineman, Osbourn Park, senior

Carrington Kelly, tight end, Osbourn, senior

Khalid Shabazz-Williams, receiver, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Avery Howard, receiver, Stonewall Jackson, junior

Kevin Zieleniewski, receiver, Battlefield, senior

Sean McCarthy, running back, Battlefield, junior

Andy Lordsamba, running back, Osbourn, senior

Devin Whitaker, running back, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Toviel Jung, quarterback, Stonewall Jackson, sophomore

Kevin Melendez, kicker, Stonewall Jackson, junior

Savion Phinzy, kick returner, Battlefield, junior

Chance Hollingsworth, all-purpose, Osbourn, junior


Frank Brunet, lineman, Battlefield, senior

Da’Vonte Roberts, lineman, Patriot, senior

Isaac Owusu, lineman, Osbourn Park, senior

Tyler Negron, end, Patriot, junior

Kevin Turner, end, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Nate Roberts, end, Osbourn, senior

Matt Binkowski, linebacker, Battlefield, sophomore

Xander Albea, linebacker, Stonewall Jackson, sophomore

Shaun Sellers, linebacker, Osbourn, senior

Luke Nitowski, linebacker, Osbourn Park, senior

Savion Phinizy, back, Battlefield, junior

Jahmia Marcelle, back, Patriot, junior

Jacob Carter, back, Patriot, junior

Jovon Jackson, back, Stonewall Jackson, junior

Antonio White, back, Osbourn, senior

Jalen Stroman, punter, Patriot, sophomore

Jalen Stroman, punt returner, Patriot, sophomore

Justin Santiago, all-purpose, Osbourn, senior


Alexis Rivero, center, Osbourn, sophomore

Noah Rhodes, center, Osbourn Park, senior

Tyler Negron, lineman, Patriot, junior

Devin Johnson, lineman, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Jon Atkins, lineman, Osbourn Park, senior

Tyler Hazen, tight end, Osbourn Park, senior

Jalen Stroman, receiver, Patriot, sophomore

JT Allen, receiver, Patriot, senior

Luke Spall, receiver, Osbourn, junior

Eddie Ostrander, quarterback, Osbourn Park, freshman

Khalid Shabazz-Williams, kick returner, Stonewall Jackson, junior

Nate Williams, kick returner, Osbourn, sophomore


Dariius Malone, lineman, Osbourn, junior

Reilly Pettit, lineman, Osbourn Park, senior

Chris Martin, end, Osbourn Park, senior

Wesley Williams, end, Battlefield, freshman

Chris Fritis, end, Patriot, senior

Makal Page, end, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Keshawn Hogue, end, Osbourn, sophomore

Tucker Smith, linebacker, Osbourn, senior

Imanuel Sheffey, linebacker, Osbourn, junior

Ian Penrod, linebacker, Osbourn Park, junior

Raheem Clemons, back, Battlefield, senior

Elijah Crenshaw, back, Stonewall Jackson, senior

CJ Simmons Jr., back, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Justin Santiago, back, Osbourn, senior

Devin Fleming, back, Osbourn Park, sophomore

Connor Westhoff, back, Osbourn Park, junior

Luke Nitowski, punter, Osbourn Park, senior

Khyree Alexander, all-purpose, Osbourn Park, junior


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