Baseball equipment photo

The equipment of baseball players on an area field reveals that practices have resumed.

Good for those local spring and summer leagues that waited out the anxious times of the COVID-19 pandemic shutdowns and restrictions, and eventually have been able to begin play in various time frames, even if just for a short period.

The Little Leagues of Arlington and McLean, the Arlington Girls Softball Association and Arlington Babe Ruth and Senior Babe Ruth are among those leagues now holding practices and playing games.

“We were determined to give the players something if things could be worked out, and we finally got the OK,” McLean Little League president Matt Tallent said.

The leagues held out hope some of the shutdown restrictions eventually would ease enough for some sort of a shortened season to begin. And they were correct. Seasons are underway this month, following social-distancing guidelines, and will last until early August for most.

Officials from those leagues said there were back-and-forth discussions about reopening, explaining that many of the parents were polled and were in favor of the decision.

“We talked about a lot of different things,” Tallent said.

Arlington Little League president Adam Balutis said the discussions were similar in his organization.

For the many local leagues that canceled spring and summer campaigns, how can they receive any criticism given all the uncertainly about the virus? Remember, experts initially said the virus would last about 15 days or certainly be burned out by the summer heat, and masks would never need to be worn.

An official from a summer swimming league that canceled explained they eventually threw in the towel after being criticized by so many parents for trying to stay open.

Whether closing or staying open: Each decision was correct.

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