Under 19 Husel team photo

The under-19 national champion Husel team.

The Husel Hockey Club of Northern Virginia, which includes local players, recently had girls teams win three field hockey national indoor championships at different age levels.

That helped the club be chosen as a finalist for the National Club of the Year award given by USA Field Hockey. The winner is determined by voting at https://www.teamusa.org/USA-Field-Hockey/EVENTS/2020/April/20/Annual-Awards/National-Club-of-the-Year-Award.

There are more than 100 players in the program.

The national-champion teams were the under-14, under-16 and under-19 squads.

Madison High’s Gabby Bollini and Oakton High’s Keelin Reilly played on the under-19 team. Other players were Adriana Risi, Christian Grimmell, Halley Beaudoin, Jordan Krauss, Nicole Moran, Niki Manthos, Sara Silarszka, Tatum Lynch and Victoria Kennedy.

Jenny Everett and April Moshos were the coaches.

Langley High’s Sofia Bailey was a member of the under-16 national champions. Other players were Abigail Chun, Ashley Kennedy, Gwen Via, Halley Beaudoin, Kaia Beaudoin, Kelly Via, Lauren Keast, Nora Collinsworth and Teagan Ryan.

Amber Beaudoin and April Moshos were the coaches.

The under-14 players were Chloe Whang, Ellie Heslep, Erin Farley, Kaia Beaudoin, Kelly Via, Lilia Kim, Natalie Moul, Sawyer Anderson and Tatum Anderson.

Jenny Everett, Mackenzie Anderson, Marinn Machen and Lindsey Davenport were the coaches.

A Husel Mid-Atlantic championship team had players Alisa Calabro, Allison Strier, Bella Konchar, Chloe Whang, Ellie Heslep, Emily Bobek, Grace Ver Planck, Julia Bollini, Lila Seifert, Maya Rorick, Roslyn Mayers and Sara Norford.

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