Langley's Bean twins

Brother and sister William and Carolilne Bean sign college letters of intent. (From the Bean family)

For the Bean seniors of Langley High School, the emotions regarding the cancellation of the spring high-school sports season was double the disappointment.

Caroline Bean was a starting attack and top scorer on Langley’s defending state-champion girls lacrosse team. She will play in college at the University of Michigan.

William Bean, Caroline’s older twin brother by two minutes, was the starting shortstop on Langley’s varsity baseball player. He will play at West Virginia University.

Both were expected to be big contributors on their high-school programs this season. Now, they scramble to find ways and places to work out, trying to keep skills sharp for their upcoming college careers.

“When all of this started, I worked out with our trainer (from Perfect Performance) along with several teammates at the Nike [Park] turf field,” Caroline said. “Once the park was closed, we moved to my backyard for one session, and then everything got shut down. Now I work out on my own or with my brother.”

Caroline throws a lacrosse ball against a wall with both hands and behind her back. She has a lacrosse net in the family backyard that she takes shots at, she plays catch with William and follows a Michigan lacrosse workout schedule.

“It’s all been crazy,” Caroline said. “I’ve never worked out at home like this before. Now I look forward to it every day because it’s one of the only things I can dos.”

Until all of the school fields were deadicated off limits, William visited the Langley diamond every day to practice. Next, he hit in the batting cages at Nike Park. With everything now closed, William hit where he could find a vacant cage.

Now, he and his father are building a home batting cage in the family’s Great Falls yard, but there have been setbacks with the project because the recent heavy rains and other weather issues have cause issues.

“I’m doing anything I can to work out,” William said. “I throw with my dad and sometimes play catch with my sister [who uses a lax stick to throw],” William said. “West Virginia has sent me the baseball-workout schedule, so I now use that as my workout guide.”

Big things were expected from each Langley team this spring.  The girls lacrosse players were confident of repeating as state champs, and the baseball team wanted to make a run at a district title.

“We didn’t have a great season last year, but we had put a lot of work in and we have some good young pitchers,” William said. “It’s really a bummer we can’t play, but everyone is in the same boat. That’s the way I look at it.”

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