If there is one, it’s hard to find another sports league – high school or otherwise – in the Sun Gazette’s coverage areas that is as well organized as far as quickly-updated statistical information as the summer’s Northern Virginia Swimming League.

The 102-team, 17-division organization holds regular-season swimming meets Saturday mornings at 9 a.m. in June and July. By midday on Saturdays, team scores start showing up on the NVSL’s Website. By late in the afternoon, all of the scores are listed, along with updated standings and individual and relay results throughout the entire league.

On occasion, there might be one or two meets with no results, but not very often. If so, they are certainly updated by bedtime on meet days.

Without interruption, the NVSL has been way ahead of the curve as far as having a system in place that has worked for years – really since the creation of the Internet – with updates for scores and results.

Visit the league’s Website at: www.mynvsl.com to find those results and much more information. If a league record is broken in a Saturday-morning meet, the Website has that noted by day’s end.

The league prides itself for having such completed and updated results and doesn’t settle for anything less.

The league’s Twitter site also can be found at that www.mynvsl.com address, offering neat photos and interesting information and news about many of the teams and individuals.

The NVSL has a diving league, run separately, but it struggles to produce the same efficiency as far as posting timely results as its swimming sister. To its credit, the dive league does improve in that regard each year.

Wouldn’t it be great if all local amateur sports leagues could figure out a way or take the initiative to be as efficient with updates as the NVSL?

Don’t count on that happening.

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