Oakton Hall of fame photo

Many football players are included in Oakton High School's first athletic hall of fame.

Oakton High School has started an athletics hall of fame and will hold its first induction ceremony on Jan. 19 at noon at International Country Club in Fairfax. Also, the inductees will be announced at basketball games on Friday, Jan. 18 at 7 p.m.

There will be 28 individuals inducted and three teams. The list is below.

Individuals: Ned Conet (1976) baseball, basketball, football; Deb Rohr (1978) basketball, softball, tennis; Jim Hill (1979) cross country track; Troy Nieves (1979) track, football; Stephanie Zeh (1981) soccer, tennis, basketball; Dan Burmeister (1982) football, basketball, track; Fred Kramer, Jr. (1982) baseball, football, basketball; Susan Nangle Noe (1982) basketball; Jeff Palmucci (1982) wrestling, football; Chris Turner (1987) golf, basketball; Carrie McKee (1990) basketball; Mike Orris (1991) wrestling; Kristi Van Buren (1994), gymnastics; Danielle Leyfert (1997) basketball;  Brian Welch (1997) football, wrestling, track; Matt Maline (2001) cross country, track; Keira Carlstrom D’Amato (2002) cross country, track; Bonnie Meekins ((2002) track and field; Mike Ott (2003), swimming; Kelly Kimener Bausher (2004) lacrosse, field hockey; Jared Kubin (2004) baseball, basketball; Cody Grimm (2005) football, lacrosse; Katie Moran D’Angelo (2006) field hockey, lacrosse; Keith Payne ((2006) football, lacrosse; Jasmine Thomas (2007) basketball; Ashley Angel-Kimener (2008) lacrosse, field hockey; Tom Hall (1968-1999) baseball coach; Sandy Reynolds - athletic director and coach.

State championship teams: 1978 boys cross country, 1985 golf, 1993 girls gymnastics.

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