Diver first at all-stars

Cici Yen from Overlee won the freshman girls event at the Northern Virginia Swimming League's all-star diving meet. (From Overlee)

Cici Yen from Overlee was the lone champion from an Arlington pool at the Northern Virginia Swimming League’s all-star diving competition Aug. 4.

Yen won the freshman girls division with a score of 78.75 at Springfield pool in Springfield, earning the title by some four points of the runner-up finisher.

The next highest finisher from an Arlington pool was a fifth by Gavin Simpson of Dominion Hills in junior boys.

Overlee’s Annika Creedon was sixth in senior girls.

James Wiese of Arlington’s Donaldson Run pool was seventh in senior boys and his teammate Peter Flickenstein was eighth in the same division.

Eighth in intermediate boys was Luke Di Benigno of Dominion Hills. Overlee’s Chris Cobey was eighth in junior boys and Jake Reed of Donaldson Run was ninth.

Finishing 10th was Overlee’s Marin Kickbush in freshman boys and Arlington Forest’s Ava Smialowicz in senior girls.

* At an earlier Division I divisional meet from Overlee, Yen won the championship as well.

Others from Overlee who finished in the top 10 at divisionals were Creedon, Coby, Kickbush, Georgi Malko, Maren Akst, Izzy Eisenberg, Livi Hejl, Libby Moir, Avery Stoker, Harry Burmeister and Laine Stoker.

During the five-meet regular season, Overlee finished with a 2-2-1 record in Division I.

* Donaldson Run tied for the Division IV championship with a 4-1 mark.

Some other top divers for Donaldson Run were Chloe Samowich, Noelle Sam, Jack Bowman, Audrey Bowman, Ryan Clark, Sam Mulchandani, Adrian Judson, Kenneth Judson, Matthew Mastrostefano, Hank Holley, Porter Parish, Elise Maher, Emma Webb, Ellise Simmons, Tristan Sears, Krishnan Greenwood, Valerie Engel and James Madden.

* Dominion Hills finished second with a 4-1 record in Division V. Ellie Joyce was a top diver for Dominion Hills.

Others who placed high in the divisional competition for Dominion Hills were  Simpson, Logan Di Benigno, Charlie Morrison, Molly Cooper,  Olivia Maco, Max Jolley, Joseph Nixon, Riley Shelton, Ellie Potts, Dakota Bannach, Grace Dennis and Luke Dangel.

* Top finishers for Arlington Forest at the Division II divisional meet were Smialowicz, Christine Siegal, Justin Clark, Matthew Petruccelli, Connor Hogan, Annie Madden, Julia Green, Max Weinstein, Caroline Mason, Ada Jordan, Sam Alves, David Alves, Max Cassatt and Charlotte Weir.

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