Overlee dive team

The Overlee diving team won the Divison I championship of the Northern Virginia Swimming League. (Overlee diving)

Overlee secured the diving championship in Division I of the Northern Virginia Swimming League with a 46-25 home victory over Dunn Loring on July 20.

Overlee finished the season with a 4-1 record, with Dunn Loring at 3-2 and Old Keene Mill at 3-1-1.

In 2019 (the 2020 season was canceled), Overlee finished 2-2-1 in Division I and won the Division II crown at 5-0 in 2018. The team also won Division II titles in 2014 and 2016.

In the meet against Dunn Loring, Overlee divers Cici Yen (freshman girls), Archer Khoustani (freshman boys) and Michayla Eisenberg (intermediate and senior girls) set records in winning their age divisions.

Other winners for Overlee were Georgette Malko (junior girls), Stella Barclay (intermediate girls) and Christopher Cobey (intermediate boys).

Second-place finishers were Elizabeth Deegan, Matias Grundmann, Sophie Deegan and Libby Moir.

Finishing third for Overlee were Kenley McAllister, Ana Dober, Nathan Cohen and Jessica Talotta.

* In Division III of the NVSL diving, Donaldson Run of Arlington finished in second place with a 3-2 record and Forest was 0-5.

* Dominion Hills of Arlington finished 2-3 in Division IV of NVSL diving.

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