Washington-Liberty student section

Washington-Liberty students gather behind one of the baskets for volleyball and basketball games.

The end-zone seats in football and the stands behind the hoops in basketball have long been some of the most famous and popular spots to gather and watch those two sports.

In college basketball, there is the “Cameron Crazies” student section at Duke University. In the National Football League, there is the “Dawg Pound” of the home Cleveland Browns and “The Black Hole” for the Oakland Raiders.

On the local high-school basketball scene, the “Generals’ Brigade” at Washington-Liberty has made a name for itself in recent years. The students gather in that section under the basket nearest the W-L bench, wearing bizarre outfits and engaging in creative types of cheering.

On the opposite end of the W-L gym is where the opposing student section gathers.

Unfortunately, most high-school gyms and football stadiums don’t have such seating, only bleachers along each sideline. When Wakefield High was rebuilt, bleachers were added behind one basket. It’s too bad, but that section is no longer open to spectators during games.

Bleachers were added behind each basket during the recent gym renovation at West Springfield High. Both ends are now natural spots for big student clusters during rivalry games.

More schools should add such seating in future renovations or rebuilds, and all new schools should also include such sections.

The old Robinson Secondary School gym in Fairfax always has had large end-zone seating on each side. They long have been hugely popular areas where students mass for region playoff hoop games – with the bleaches packed full to the top row.

Lake Braddock Secondary School has a bleacher section behind only one basket, but the design is bad and all wrong. The seating is so far removed from the court, student sections don’t huddle there.

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