AD Rob Lee of Potomac School

Rob Lee

He’ll be working at the same place, but after 27 years as an athletic director, Rob Lee is changing jobs at the Potomac School in McLean.

His last day at that position was July 1. Lee’s new job title is a constituent relations and stewardship officer.

“It will be very different, but it’s a new chapter and I am really excited about this,” said Lee, who has worked at the school for 31 years. “I’ll have a new office, a new parking place, a new office phone number, but the good news is I will still be at the Potomac School.”

And Lee will continue to be involved in the school’s athletics program, coaching some of the middle-school teams.

As athletic director, Lee oversaw the high-school and middle-school athletic programs at Potomac School.

During his 27 years, at times Lee was the school’s lone AD, then other times he just led the boys programs.

He also coached various sports, including two successful stints as the head football coach. Lee was the head boys tennis coach and was an assistant for baseball, basketball, lacrosse and soccer to list others.

“Sometimes as an AD, you are the utility guy and you fill in wherever needed,” Lee said.

Hearing the school needed coaches, Lee applied for some of those positions and was first hired at the Potomac School in 1989. He coached a number of different sports, taught some classes and eventually was hired as athletic director in 1993.

Lee graduated from Hampden-Sydney College, where he played tennis and two years for the men’s basketball team.

Prior to college, he attended high school at St. James School in Maryland, where he graduated in 1982.

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