Potomac School back Webster

Potomac School runningback Nick Webster gets a block from offensive lineman Laith Weimer (66) as quarterback Drew Turner (8) watches after making the handoff. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

When they got out of their own way and avoided penalties on Sept. 18, the running game for the Potomac School Panthers was productive and in control.

The Panthers (2-1) amassed 245 yards rushing and sustained long-scoring drives to rally from a 7-0 deficit and defeat the host Bishop Ireton Cardinals, 21-7, in a non-conference high-school football game.

Runningback Marcel Gaskins led the runners with 84 yards on 15 carries and a touchdown, but there were others contributing to that ground swell. Runningback Nick Webster ran for 55, quarterback Drew Turner for 67 and two scores (one on a scramble) and Andrew Lay for 35.

Turner only threw five times, with one 17-yard completion to Duncan Gibb.

“The players are buying into our offense and making some magic, and Drew is getting more comfortable and making plays,” Potomac School coach C.J. Remmo said.

Those Potomac School runners ran behind the offensive line of Jack Wade, Laith Weimer, Patrick Wolff, Jack Peters, Bryce Hall and tight ends Gibb and Kevin Check. The team’s three scoring drives consisted of two 10 play-marches, each for 51 and 52 yards and the other 12 for 82. Harvey Stefan booted three extra points.

Penalties, however, nullified some other big Potomac ground gains.

“Being well-conditioned and having a strong running game can wear down the other team, and I think you saw that happen today,” Remmo said. “We had too many penalties.”

Ireton scored first on a 71-yard pass in the second quarter. Other than that play, the Panthers’ defense tackled well and bent some but did not break against Ireton’s pass-oriented attack - just four running plays.

“That was a missed tackle on that touchdown, but other than that we played well on defense,” Remmo said.

On defense, sacks were recorded by Max Gyllenhoff, Anwar Karim, Holden Smith and Timothy Mellis. Check, Karim, Devin Dunn and Hudson La Force had tackles for losses. Marcus Burrell had an interception and Luke O’Reilly and Gyllenhoff each had 4.5 total tackles.

The Potomac School team has a bye this coming weekend so the team has a week off to prepare for its next opponent.

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