Potomac School football action

The Potomac School football team has had a knack for attracting NFL Hall of Famers to its program over the years. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

Over the years, four NFL Hall of Fame players, and perhaps five, have had connections to the Potomac School Panthers varsity football team of McLean.

The most recent was former Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Alan Faneca. He was an assistant coach for the private Potomac School squad during the 2015 season, getting his start coaching in high-school football.

Faneca is presently the head coach of the Cox High School football team in Virginia Beach.

In 2015, Faneca, who played in the NFL for 13 seasons and three teams, had moved to Fairfax County and was interested in coaching high-school ball. He made a connection with the Potomac School team and was asked to join the staff, coaching just that one season.

In May, Faneca was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame.

“It was great to have Alan Faneca on the staff,” longtime Potomac School athletic administrator Rob Lee said.

The late Gene Upshaw, a Hall of Fame offensive lineman with the Oakland Raiders, once was a volunteer assistant coach for Potomac School when his son was a member of the team.

Former Oakland Raider Hall of Fame defensive lineman Howie Long attended games at the Potomac School when his sons played football for St. Anne’s-Belfield of Charlotteville. Long would stand behind the north end zone and could easily be heard on occasion offering some remarks.

Former Dallas Cowboys quarterback and NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach once talked to the Potomac School team in the wrestling room prior to a practice. He was partnered with a father of one of the players.

Washington Redskins NFL Hall of Fame wide receiver Art Monk had kids who attended Potomac School. Monk had no association with the football team, other than maybe attending games.

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