Hylton's Ricky Slade signed with Penn State Dec. 20, 2017.



Quarterback: Brendon Clark, Manchester, junior

Center: Gabe Brinson, South County, senior

Lineman: James Collilns, Oscar Smith, senior

Lineman: Will Carroll, Colonial Forge, senior

Lineman: Dallas Caporaletti, Hylton

Lineman: Harmon St. Germain, Westfield, senior

Running back: Ricky Slade, Hylton, senior

Running back: Spencer Alston, South Lakes, senior

Running back: Eugene Assante, Westfield, junior

Wide receiver: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge, junior

Wide receiver: Dillon Spalding, South County, senior

Wide receiver: Taylor Morin, junior

Tight end: Tyler Matheny, Lake Braddock, senior

Place kicker: Jadon Redding, Colonial Forge, senior

Kick returner: Ricky Slade, Hylton, senior

All-purpose: Cam’ron Kelly, Oscar Smith, junior


Quarterback: Noah Kim, Westfield, sophomore

Center: Brian Jewell, Westfield, junior

Lineman: AJ Atkins, Ocean Lakes, senior

Lineman: Talvis Robinson, Thomas Dale, senior

Lineman: Tyler Jones, Manchester, senior

Lineman: Henry Chibueze, Woodbridge, senior

Lineman: Jakai Moore, Patriot, junior

Running back: Khalid Wilson, Oscar Smith, senior

Running back: Chris Tyree, Thomas Dale, sophomore

Running back: Tyquan Brown, Freedom, junior

Wide receiver: Joseph White, Landstown, senior

Wide receiver: Collin Harding, Manchester, junior

Wide receiver: Andrew Hardin, Woodbridge

Tight end: Mitchell Shinskie, Colonial Forge, senior

Place kicker: Mark Applegate, Oakton, junior

Kick returner: Ahdonis Turay, Osbourn Park, senior

All-purpose: Dashaun Jerkins, Woodbridge, senior



Lineman: Mitchell Shinskie, Colonial Forge, senior

Lineman: Sammy Obiang Woodbridge senior

Lineman: Nolan Cockrill, Westfield, senior

End: Jaevon Becton, Ocean Lakes, senior

End: Brett Cebula, Hylton, senior

Linebacker: Keshon Artis, Oscar Smith, senior

Linebacker: Oliejah Louissaint, Colonial Forge, junior

Linebacker: Jonathan Rose, Manchester, senior

Linebacker: Antoine Sampah, Woodbridge, sophomore

Back: Cam’ron Kelly, Oscar Smith, junior

Back: Joseph White, Landstown, senior

Back: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge, junior

Back: Dashaun Jerkins, Woodbridge, senior

Punter: Joshua Thomas, Hylton, senior

Punt returner: Josh Sarratt, Colonial Forge, junior

All-purpose: Rick D’Abreau, Thomas Dale, junior


Lineman: Kyle Thomas, Oscar Smith, senior

Lineman: Devin Marcano, South County, senior

Lineman: Josh Fuga, Freedom, junior

End: Dakota Beach, Westfield, senior

End: Brian Hurley, Lake Braddock, senior

End: Jalen Moore, Oscar Smith, senior

Linebacker: Tray Jones, Bayside, senior

Linebacker: Jaleel Powell, Ocean Lakes, senior

Linebacker: Jose Benavides, Hylton, senior

Linebacker: Chris Logan, South Lakes, senior

Back: Tayvion Robinson, Cox, junior

Back: Chris Tyree, Thomas Dale, sophomore

Back: Ian Ector, Colonial Forge, senior

Back: Jordan Davis, Hylton

Back: Taylor Morin, Westfield, junior

Punter: Evan Matthes, South Lakes, senior

Punt returner: Tayvion Robinson, Cox, junior

All-purpose: Jack McCrossin, Annandale, senior

Offensive player of the year: Ricky Slade, Hylton

Defensive player of the year: Nolan Cockrill, Westfield

Coach of the year: Kyle Simmons, Westfield

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