Kara Trullender.jpg

Woodbridge's Kara Trullender, lacrosse, Pittsburgh




Attack Jailan Stewart Hylton 12

Attack Brock Moore Colgan 10

Attack Gabe Quantrille Forest Park 12

Attack John Crawford Freedom 12

Midfield Chris Allen Forest Park 12

Midfield Landyn Burgis Gar-Field 10

Midfield Oliver Nowell-Shortt Woodbridge 12

Midfield Jonathan Montoya Hylton 12

Defense Noah Parrish Hylton 10

Defense Caleb Dolans Potomac 11

Defense Michael Bertrand Woodbridge 9

Defense Ian Kuzemchak Colgan 11

SSDM Jason Gomez Hylton 12

LSM John Parente Woodbridge 12

FaceOff Chai Dunlap Woodbridge 11

Goalie Dominic Illig Woodbridge 12

Player of the Year: Chris Allen Forest Park 12

Coach of the Year: Britton Hoover Forest Park


Attack Noah Byers-King Hylton 10

Attack Travis Plylar Colgan 10

Attack Brody Morrow Forest Park 10

Attack James Williams Woodbridge 10

Midfield Aaron Quantrille Forest Park 10

Midfield Jordan McTeer Freedom 11

Midfield Braedan Bush Colgan 10

Midfield Jared Lazu Potomac 12

Defense Owen Johnson Forest Park 10

Defense Christianno De Lugo Woodbridge 12

Defense Armond Tubbs Freedom 11

Defense Yaroslav Ryzhuk Gar-Field 9

SSDM Jordan Winfrey Forest Park 11

LSM Hunter Raffert Colgan 10

FaceOff Esekhiel Miller Hylton 9

Goalie Ronnie Aikens Colgan 10



Attack Issy Denevan Forest Park 12

Attack Mackenzie Burke Woodbridge 12

Attack Victoria Cartagena Hylton 11

Attack Daniella Jimenez Colgan 11

Midfield Kara Trullender Woodbridge 12

Midfield Sophia Vito Forest Park 10

Midfield Pauleen DelaRosa Gar-Field 10

Midfield Alicia Ober Woodbridge 12

Defense Rahma Elgazzar Forest Park 12

Defense Belicia Moncrieffe Hylton 12

Defense McKenna Morrison Colgan 12

Defense Charlotte Murphy Woodbridge 12

At-Large Megan Martini Colgan 10

At-Large Maxine McKenzie Hylton 11

At-Large Logan Neal Potomac 12

Goalie Anna LaVallee Forest Park 12

Player of the Year: Kara Trullender Woodbridge 12

Coach of the Year: Megan Smith Woodbridge


Attack Umaiza Kashif Gar-Field 12

Attack Saylor Goodchild Woodbridge 10

Attack Natalie Bertrand Hylton 12

Attack Alyssa Davis Forest Park 12

Midfield Gabriella Ashiblie Potomac 12

Midfield Maddie Baker Forest Park 12

Midfield Lauren Edwards Colgan 12

Midfield Karla Marquez Gar-Field 11

Defense Saida Elbahlouli Gar-Field 12

Defense Catherine Brennan Woodbridge 12

Defense Warisha Tahir Gar-Field 12

Defense Emily Burnap Forest Park 11

At-Large Kimberly Henriquez Gar-Field 12

At-Large Dayonna Thomas Woodbridge 11

At-Large Meghan Huszcza Colgan 11

Goalie Megan Piper Woodbridge 9

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