Forward Jared DuBose C.D. Hylton 11

Forward Sam Adunah Gar-Field 12

Forward Kameron Bell-Cooper Colgan 12

Forward Julian Alfaro-Young Freedom 12

Forward Trevon Phillips C.D. Hylton 12

Midfielder Thomas Corral-Chavez C.D. Hylton 10

Midfielder Kenny Robles Gar-Field 12

Midfielder David Gonzalez Gar-Field 10

Midfielder Emilio Ayala Colgan 12

Midfielder James Yeboah C.D. Hylton 12

Defender Carlos Lopez Jr. Gar-Field 11

Defender Stuart Anderson C.D. Hylton 12

Defender Jordan Black Colgan 10

Defender Alpha Sow Freedom 12

Defender Corey Long Potomac 12

Goalkeeper Christian Maldonado Hernandez C.D. Hylton 12

Player of the Year: Jared DuBose C.D. Hylton 11

Coach of the Year: Brandon Walker C.D. Hylton


Forward Ishmail Kamara Colgan 11

Forward Kevin Leong Forest Park 12

Forward Alan Hernandez Gar-Field 12

Forward Javier Arana Woodbridge 11

Forward Brenden Zabava Forest Park 12

Midfielder Yefrey Garcia Gar-Field 12

Midfielder Hernan Zelaya-Blanco Freedom 12

Midfielder Michael Shaefer Colgan 11

Midfielder Diego Flores-Vasquez Freedom 11

Midfielder Alan Portillo C.D. Hylton 11

Defender Denny Portillo Woodbridge 12

Defender Francisco Perez-Garcia Gar-Field 12

Defender Maynor Menendez-Borjas C.D. Hylton 11

Defender Dennis Zavala Forest Park 12

Defender Bryan Sigala C.D. Hylton 11

Goalkeeper Eduafo Yeboah Potomac 11



Forward Jada Konte Colgan Jr

Forward Skylar Daum Forest Park Jr

Forward Nicole Mejia Hylton Jr

Forward Alijah Irizarry Woodbridge So

Forward Sydney Ward Gar-Field Sr

Midfielder Alyssa DeGuzman Colgan Fr

Midfielder Alyssa Alexander Woodbridge Sr

Midfielder Madison Morin Woodbridge Sr

Midfielder Yaya Velasquez Gar-Field Sr

Midfielder Alyssa Villanueva Potomac So

Defender Trinity Simmons Colgan Sr

Defender Stefi Morgan Woodbridge Jr

Defender Claudia Melendez Woodbridge Sr

Defender Julia Finken Woodbridge Jr

Defender Jenni Reyes Gar-Field Jr

Goalkeeper Zoe Doughty Woodbridge Sr

Player of the Year: Zoe Doughty Woodbridge Sr

Coach of the Year: Kimberly Spindler Woodbridge


Forward Sydney Kincaid Colgan Jr

Forward Isis Osorto Freedom Fr

Forward Abbie Schumacher Forest Park Sr

Forward Katilynn Rupert Gar-Field So

Forward Alana Beasley Colgan Fr

Midfielder Karla Hernandez Woodbridge Sr

Midfielder Vanessa Alfaro Freedom Fr

Midfielder Jahaira Aviles Hylton Jr

Midfielder Izzi Neall Forest Park Sr

Midfielder Katerin Zuniga Gar-Field Sr

Defender Maria Alvarez Hylton Jr

Defender Katie Quintanilla Hylton Jr

Defender Yasmin Rosa Hylton Sr

Defender Yazmin Williams Potomac So

Defender Adelaide Thomas Freedom Jr

Goalkeeper Charli Daum Forest Park Jr

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