Colgan pitcher Morgan Thornton. Photo by Doug Stroud


Pitcher Morgan Thornton Charles J. Colgan 12th

Pitcher Corinne Knapp C. D. Hylton 12th

Pitcher Jenna Langley Forest Park 11th

Catcher Kassidy Garvey Forest Park 12th

1st Base Catie Hopkins Charles J. Colgan 12th

2nd Base Aubrey Matice C. D. Hylton 12th

3rd Base Isabella Piacesi Charles J. Colgan 12th

Shortstop Kendall Bentley Charles J. Colgan 12th

Outfielder Madisyn Olson Forest Park 11th

Outfielder Trinity Mizelle C. D. Hylton 11th

Outfielder Mari Roman Charles J. Colgan 11th

Outfielder Jada Holt Woodbridge 9th

DP/Flex Grace Thompson C. D. Hylton 9th

Utility Arianna Prymak Woodbridge 12th

Player of the Year Morgan Thornton Charles J. Colgan 12th

Coach of the Year Amanda Cahow Gar-Field


Pitcher Grace Clary Woodbridge 10th

Pitcher Amaya McPherson Gar-Field 9th

Pitcher Julie Richie C. D. Hylton 9th

Catcher Halee Hawkins Charles J. Colgan 12th

1st Base Kendall Gobin C. D. Hylton 12th

2nd Base Alexis Beach Woodbridge 10th

3rd Base Hailey Johnson Woodbridge 9th

Shortstop Lexi Murphy Forest Park 10th

Outfielder Anna Wolf Forest Park 9th

Outfielder Izzi Adame Charles J. Colgan 9th

Outfielder Kylie Barbier Woodbridge 9th

Outfielder McKenzie Dewhurst Gar-Field 10th

DP/Flex Kasey Pope Woodbridge 12th

Utility Ellie Rhodes C. D. Hylton 10th

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