Patriot's Aiden Fairchild tries to go on the attack against Battlefield but is eventually stopped as the visitors could only manage to score once on Thursday, May 27, 2021.



Stefan Granados 12 Battlefield Attack

Ronan Cleary 10 Battlefield Attack

Kai Goo 12 John Champe Attack

Owen Castleman 12 Patriot Attack

Carson Becker 12 Unity Reed Attack

Cole Bonnell 12 Battlefield Midfield

Caleb Kemer 11 John Champe Midfield

Emerson Kang 11 John Champe Midfield

Sam Fernandez 10 Patriot Midfield

Drew Fernandez 11 Patriot Midfield

John "JR" Radun 12 Battlefield Defense

Henry Shafer 12 Battlefield Defense

Cameron Stemberger 12 John Champe Defense

Adam Wieczorek 12 John Champe Defense

Aiden Fairchild 11 Patriot Defense

Noble Canterbury 12 Patriot Defense

Nathan George 12 Battlefield Goalie

Player of the Year: Aiden Fairchild - Junior - Patriot

Coach of the Year: David Suthers - Battlefield


Jake Davis 12 Battlefield Attack

Logan Brennan 12 John Champe Attack

Quentin Davis 10 Osbourn Park Attack

Bryan Mulholland 12 Patriot Attack

Nick Hogan 12 Unity Reed Attack

Braydon Colliver 11 Battlefield Midfield

Austin Nevins 11 Battlefield Midfield

Noah Elazar 11 Battlefield Midfield

Tyler Smeltzer 9 Patriot Midfield

Michael Cotter 12 Patriot Midfield

Shane Goodson 12 Unity Reed Midfield

AJ Waskow 11 Unity Reed Midfield

Brandon Dappen 12 Battlefield Defense

Evan Granahan 11 John Champe Defense

Matthew Zillic 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Garrett Schoeb 11 Patriot Defense

Tim Sullivan 11 Patriot Defense

Ben Kim 12 Unity Reed Defense

Alex Azar 11 Osbourn Park Goalie


Parker Waldon 12 Osbourn Attack

Tyler Simpson 11 Osbourn Attack

Ryan Della Peruto 12 Patriot Attack

Freddy Hernandez-Rios 12 Osbourn Midfield

Logan Christensen 11 Patriot Midfield

Owen Grebner 12 Patriot Defense

Jamison Johanson 12 Unity Reed Defense

Brendan Siwik 11 John Champe Goalie



Sophie Gonzales 12 Battlefield Attack

Grace Patane 10 Battlefield Attack

Emma Bryan-Wilson 12 John Champe Attack

Bea Pasacsac 11 Osbourn Park Attack

Mary Cammas 10 Patriot Attack

Callie Curtis 11 Battlefield Midfield

Elena Firestone 11 John Champe Midfield

Lily Stohlman 11 Osbourn Park Midfield

Sophia Browning 12 Patriot Midfield

Kelaiya Garland 10 Unity Reed Midfield

Emma Patane 12 Battlefield Defense

Meghan Adams 11 Battlefield Defense

Elyssa Bower 11 John Champe Defense

Trinity Epps 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Hailey Waters 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Caitlin Blackman 12 Patriot Defense

Anjolie Browne 11 John Champe Goalie

Players of the Year: Callie Curtis, Battlefield, junior; Elena Firestone, John Champe, junior 

Coach of the Year: Mary Kugler - Battlefield


Lucy Shafer 11 Battlefield Attack

Erin Sweeney 10 Battlefield Attack

Kathryn Hutton 9 John Champe Attack

Safa Qargha 12 Osbourn Park Attack

Chloe Annibell 9 Patriot Attack

Julia Henry 12 Patriot Attack

Rebecca Bartheld 11 Battlefield Midfield

Sarah Moskowitz 10 John Champe Midfield

Katerina Pashiardis 12 Osbourn Park Midfield

Ashley Fightmaster 12 Patriot Midfield

Ava Goodson 10 Unity Reed Midfield

LaKira Starkes 11 Unity Reed Midfield

Livy Sunderland 10 Battlefield Defense

Emily Bedford 11 Battlefield Defense

Ruby Alseikhan 12 John Champe Defense

Tania Osorio-Flores 12 Osbourn Defense

Shannon Gagarin 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Iyanna Cochran 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Gracie Lint 9 Battlefield Goalie

Katie Sullivan 10 Patriot Goalie


Brooke Frishman 10 Battlefield Attack

Bailee Cornuet 11 Osbourn Park Attack

Sophia Passa 11 Patriot Attack

Abigail Hardiman 9 John Champe Midfield

Lianty Yularnis 12 Osbourn Defense

Aryanna Smith 12 Osbourn Park Defense

Mary Ann Russell 11 Osbourn Park Goalie

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