IN_Osbourn vs Osbourn Park Boys Soccer_Doug Stroud Photography_S51_0620.jpg

Osbourn's Cooper Noseworthy (24) brings the ball across the midfield against Osbourn Park Tuesday, April 18, 2023. Photo by Doug Stroud Photography



Forward Noel Sotelo Osbourn SR

Forward Manzi Siibo Battlefield SR

Forward Brandon Soto Osbourn Park SR

Forward Nathan Tran Freedom JR

Midfield Jorge Ortega Osbourn Park JR

Midfield Cooper Noseworthy Osbourn SR

Midfield Yazan Yaghmmour Battlefield SR

Midfield Amari Benjamin Battlefield SR

Defense Luis Argueta Osbourn Park JR

Defense Angel Rivas Osbourn SR

Defense Luke Smith Battlefield JR

Defense Stephen Blodgett Freedom JR

Goalie Armando Cervantes Osbourn JR

At-Large Juan Reyes Osbourn SR

At-Large Jordan Lorenzi Gainesville JR

At-Large Dany Reyes Osbourn JR

Player of the Year Cooper Noseworthy Osbourn SR

Coach of the Year Brandon Calandra Osbourn


Forward Jake Gibson Patriot SR

Forward Erith Garcia Osbourn SR

Forward David Xavier Freedom SR

Forward Tyler Shin Freedom SR

Midfield Justin Merino-Flores Osbourn Park SO

Midfield Jaiden Borba Osbourn JR

Midfield Benjamin Besse Gainesville JR

Midfield Shaurya Thakur Freedom SO

Defense Romeo Ventura Osbourn SR

Defense Grant Harman Osbourn Park JR

Defense George Herrera Unity Reed SR

Defense Anthony Cuzmar Patriot SR

Goalie Giancarlo Aldereretes Osbourn Park SR

At-Large Mathew Carlin Battlefield SO

At-Large Kyle Morrell Battlefield SR

At-Large Erly Canales Patriot JR


Forward Sammy Samsor John Champe JR

Forward Gabe Maguire John Champe JR

Forward Rodney Williams Patriot SR

Forward Jerameel Diaz Vargas Patriot SR

Forward Carter Cramp Battlefield SR

Forward Robbie Karas Battlefield JR

Forward Hamid Tokhi Gainesville SO

Forward Williem Sirmenis Freedom SR

Forward Christian Orellana Unity Reed FR

Forward Ahmet Sari John Champe SR

Defense Edgar Moreno Osbourn SO

Defense Cristian Lopez Osbourn SR

Defense Omer Yilmaz John Champe SR

Defense Kevin Sandoval Osbourn Park SR

Defense Julio Mejia Unity Reed SR

Defense Mathias Arze Freedom SO

Defense Sulaiman Naser Freedom SR

Defense Mozamill Nader Freedom SR

Defense Grant Turner Freedom SR

Defense Isaiah Almonte Gainesville SR

Defense Alex Shawky Battlefield SR

Goalie Evan Davisson Patriot SR

Goalie Abdulaziz Sanuri John Champe SR

Goalie Tyler Barton Gainesville SR

Midfield Ian Wong John Champe SR

Midfield Nick Nardone John Champe SO

Midfield Ryan Dinkle Patriot JR

Midfield Ahmed Chirinos Osbourn JR

Midfield Jordan Savage Battlefield JR

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