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Claudia Lenahan Forward PHS JR

Brooke Frishman Forward BHS SO

Devyn Sweeney Forward URHS JR

Shawna Hericks Forward OPHS SR

Natalie Moul Midfield BHS FR

Brooke Newton Midfield OPHS SR

Sophia Browning Midfield PHS SR

Allina Mbuko Midfield URHS SR

Grace Henderson Defender BHS SR

Antonina Nicoletti Defender OHS FR

Lilly Stohlman Defender OPHS JR

Abigail Chavez Defender PHS SR

Dhamisaa "DJ" Holsclaw Goalie OHS JR

Sayda Coleman At Large JCHS SR

Rececca Bartheld At Large BHS JR

Samantha Santiago At Large URHS SO

Coach of the Year: Bill Strakosch - URHS and Amanda Coombs - OHS

Player of the Year: Claudia Lenahan, PatriotĀ 


Abigail Kallal Forward PHS SO

Ella Wild Forward BHS JR

Emily Hipes Forward JCHS SR

Ermelinda Gonzalez Forward URHS SR

Caroline Gee Midfield BHS SR

Natalie Zeger Midfield PHS JR

Abigail Turner Midfield URHS SR

Hailey Annibell Midfield URHS SO

Erin Sweeney Defender BHS SO

Abby Ryan Defender JCHS SR

Amy Boteler Defender JCHS SO

Sarah Gulley Defender PHS SR

Salma Hood Goalie JCHS SO

Emma Bryan-Wilson At Large JCHS SR

Julia Henry At Large PHS SR

Morgan Doyle At Large PHS SR


Taylor Weaver Midfield BHS

Carrie Morrell Midfield BHS

Kira Thielen Defender BHS

Autumn Goldsberry Goalie BHS

Chandler Perdue Midfield BHS

Aashvi Shah Midfield JCHS

Carmen Hannon Midfield JCHS

Ellie Spengler Midfield JCHS

Ayaan Johnson Defender OHS

Susan Brown Midfield OHS

Karina Mata Midfield OHS

Alexia Martin Midfield PHS

Julia Shearer Goalie PHS

Alexis Francis Defender PHS



First Name Last Name Position School Year

Maggie Tebell, Libero, Osbourn Park, Senior

Merom Arthur Middle BHS Senior

Ella Yates OH BHS Senior

Ashtyn Hamilton RS BHS Senior

Carsen Carroll L/DS BHS Senior

Mya Hughes Middle OPHS Senior

Keilani Wetternach OH OPHS Senior

Dryden Rancourt OH PHS Soph

Kirti Dhinakaran Setter JCHS Soph

Player of the year: Maggie Tebell, Libero, Osbourn Park, Senior

Coach of the Year: Abby Mills, Battlefield


Hanna Nelson RS BHS Senior

Armelle Vilbert Setter OPHS Soph

Natalia Mora OH PHS Junior

Lauren Katz Setter PHS Fresh

Maithiri Dhinakaran Middle JCHS Soph

Maggie Molloy Middle JCHS Junior

Jasmine Wigington OH OHS Soph

Nicole Epstein Middle PHS Senior

Libero: Meagan Wittenberg L PHS Senior


Caitlyn Jeter Middle OPHS Senior

Dyhemia Cummings RS OPHS Soph

Sophie Monseur OH OPHS Soph

Ashley Brooks Setter OPHS Soph

Haley Wilson DS OPHS Junior

Valesca Ramirez Middle PHS Junior

Cameron Gaskins RS PHS Junior

Sami Sanchez DS PHS Senior

Brianna Clay Middle BHS Fresh

Olivia Clark Setter BHS Junior

Nia James OH BHS Senior

Aava Shingler Setter BHS Fresh

Ashley Hall Middle OHS Senior

Mia Dozier L OHS Senior

Giselle Carlo Middle OHS Senior

Sharon Gaona DS OHS Senior

Abby Fairchild Setter OHS Soph

Devon Buffkin OH JCHS Senior

Sydney Hicks RS JCHS Junior

Sydney Vick OH URHS Junior

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