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Quarterback: Beau Lang, 11, Brentsville District

Center: Wesley Deavers, 12, Skyline

Offensive Line: Patrick Slate, 12, Skyline; Tyler Nix, 10, Brentsville District, Clifton Grant III, 12, Central Woodstock, Jack Gareis, 12, William Monroe

Tight End: Graham Feglar, 11, George Mason

Running Back: Bryce Post, 12, Warren County; Logan Maiatico, 12, Skyline; Payton Simmons, 11, Manassas Park

Wide Receiver: Marion Haley, 12, Skyline; Logan Barbour, 12, William Monroe; Brevin Scott, 12, Central Woodstock

Offensive All-Purpose: Robert Silva, 12, George Mason

Offensive Player of the Year: Logan Maiatico, 12, Skyline

Coach of the Year: Adam Amerine, George Mason


Defensive Tackle: Will Wolf, 12, Skyline; Ryan Binsted, 12, Brentsville District; Carlos Shields, 12, George Mason

End: Isaiah Taylor, 11, William Monroe; Matthew Teague, 12, George Mason

Linebacker: Jake Johnson, 12, Brentsville District; Chris Moin, 12, Skyline; Chris Detwiler, 12, Brentsville District; Isaiah Dyer, 11, Central Woodstock

Defensive Back: George Papadopolous, 11; George Mason Brevin Scott, 12, Central Woodstock; Jackson Schnetzler, 11, Brentsville District; Gavin Hussar, 12, William Monroe

Defensive All-Purpose: Graham Felgar, 11, George Mason

Kicker: Doug Cummings, 12, Skyline

Punter: Robert Silva, 12, George Mason

Kickoff Return: Aidan Vaught, 9, Skyline

Punt Return: Logan Maiatico, 12, Skyline

Defensive Player of the Year: Will Wolf, 12, Skyline 



Quarterback: Ethan Caperton, 11, Skyline

Center: Trevor Myers, 12 William Monroe

Offensive Line: Carlos Shields, 12, George Mason; Will Wolf, 12, Skyline; Dathen Montoya, 12, Skyline; DJ Rizzo, 10, Warren County

Tight End: Chris Detwiler, 12, Brentsville District

Running Back: Matthew Teague, 12, George Mason; Daron Santucci, 12, Skyline; Isaiah Dyer, 11, Central Woodstock

Wide Receiver: Cam Dixon, 12, Manassas Park; Jamonta Harris, 12, Central Woodstock; Aidan Lawhead, 12, Brentsville District

Offensive All-Purpose: Guy Hayes, 12, Brentsville District


Tackle: Christian Ross, 11, Central Woodstock; Ty Carter, 10, Warren County;

Pat Slate, 12, Skyline; Steven Sanchez, 11, Manassas Park

End: Gabe Howell, 11, Brentsville District; Nick Pulizzi, 12, Central Woodstock

Linebacker: Brandon McDonald, 12, William Monroe; Nick Griffin, 11, Brentsville District; Josh Stillwagoner, 11, George Mason; Cam Dixon, 12, Manassas Park

Defensive Back: Logan Maiatico, 12, Skyline; Brayden Poe, 11, Skyline; Bryce Post, 12, Warren County; Isaac Malik-Duarte, 11, Manassas Park

Defensive All-Purpose: Will Johnson, 10, Brentsville District

Kicker: Alex Lopez, 12, Central Woodstock

Punter: Will Auer, 12, William Monroe

Kickoff Return: Cam Dixon, 12, Manassas Park

Punt Return: Payton Simmons, 11, Manassas Park

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