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Stonewall Jackson's Tyleik Williams can be a disruptive force, here looking for someone to block against Patriot on Friday, Oct. 5, 2018.



Center: Brian Jewell, Westfield, senior

Lineman: Frank Brunet, Battlefield, senior

Lineman: Lamar Horner, Centreville, senior

Lineman: Collin Gardner, Madison, senior

Lineman: Jakai Moore, Patriot, senior

Tight end: Ryan Coll, Battlefield, senior

Quarterback: Noah Kim, Westfield, junior

Receiver: John Finney, Madison, senior

Receiver: Elijah Reese, Stonewall, junior

Receiver: Taylor Morin, Westfield, senior

Running back: Dylan Sparks, Chantilly, senior

Running back: Tre Vasiliadis, Langley, junior

Running back: Brandon Walker, Madison, senior

Placekicker: Ethan Chang, Marshall, junior

Kick returner: Saadiq Hinton, Westfield, senior

All-purpose: Jordan Wright, Centreville, senior


Center: Carter Nalewanski, Herndon, junior

Lineman: Andres Sagastume, Chantilly, junior

Lineman: Nik Kalapasev, Marshall, senior

Lineman: Cole Ohr, Westfield, senior

Lineman: Nathan Strickland, Yorktown, senior

Tight end: Joe Clancy, Westfield, senior

Quarterback: Grant Wilson, Yorktown, junior

Receiver: Tyler Settle, Patriot, junior

Receiver: Joseph Dagbe, South Lakes, junior

Receiver: Bizzet Woodley, Westfield, senior

Running back: Anthony Ramos, Centreville, junior

Running back: Jaden Snead, Herndon, junior

Running back: Xander Albea, Stonewall, sophomore

Placekicker: Tyler Birge, Patriot, senior

Kick returner: Mike Jones, Herndon, senior

All-purpose: Hunter Key, Battlefield, senior


Center: Egan Calhoun, Battlefield, senior

Lineman: Elroe Yohnnes, Herndon, senior

Lineman: Alex Bendler, Langley, senior

Lineman: Reilly Pettit, Osbourn Park, senior

Lineman: Seth Kasten, Osbourn, senior

Lineman: Eric Trichtinger, South Lakes, junior

Lineman: Vincent Nguyen, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Tight end: Wilson Seneca, South Lakes, junior

Quarter back: Chris Sonnenberg, Patriot, senior

Receiver: Mike Jones, Herndon, senior

Receiver: Jalen Smalls, Patriot, senior

Receiver: Max Patterson, Yorktown, sophomore

Receiver: Jack McCool, Yorktown, senior

Running back: Jacob Carter, Patriot, junior

Running back: Nicholas Napolitano, South Lakes, senior

Running back: Anthony Smoot, Osbourn Park, senior

Placekicker: William Hughes, Chantilly, junior

Placekicker Andrew Geyer, Herndon, senior

Kick returner: Anthony Smoot, Osbourn Park, senior

All-purpose: Marcus Miles, South Lakes, sophomore

All-purpose: Andrew Margiotta, Marshall, junior

Offensive player of the year: Taylor Morin, Westfield, senior



Lineman: Thoma Gavin, Centreville, senior

Lineman: Alex Bendler, Langley, senior

Lineman: Joe Clancy, Westfield, senior

End: Casey Counts, Madison, senior

End: Tyleik Williams, Stonewall, sophomore

Linebacker: Lamar Horner, Centreville, senior

Linebacker: Josh Barker, Madison, senior

Linebacker: Sage Beuchert-Irvine, South Lakes, senior

Linebacker: Eugene Asante, Westfield, senior

Back: Nick Andersen, Centreville, junior

Back: Max Wysocki, Madison, senior

Back: Taylor Morin, Westfield, senior

Back: Saadiq Hinton, Westfield, senior

Punter: Mark Applegate, Oakton, senior

Punt returner: Max Wysocki, Madison, senior

All-purpose: Chayce Chalmers, Stonewall Jackson, senior


Lineman: Trajon Richards, Battlefield, junior

Lineman: Elroe Yohnnes, Herndon, senior

Lineman: Daniel Davis, Patriot, senior

End: Nicky Kuzemka, Centreville, senior

End: Ryan Coll, Battlefield, senior

Linebacker: Tre Maxwell, Centreville, senior

Linebacker: JT Allen, Patriot, senior

Linebacker: Shawn Murphy, Stonewall, freshman

Linebacker: Jack McCool, Yorktown, senior

Linebacker: Tanner Hughes, Marshall, senior

Back: Edward Ozycz, Herndon, junior

Back: Anthony Smoot, Osbourn Park, senior

Back: Jalen Stroman, Patriot, sophomore

Back: Joseph Dagbe, South Lakes, junior

Punter: Andrew Geyer, Herndon, senior

Punt returner: Antonio White, Osbourn, senior

All-purpose: Carey Dickinson, Centreville, senior


Lineman: Christian Mulumba, Yorktown, sophomore

Lineman: Gabriel Gibson, South Lakes, sophomore

Lineman: Thomas Johnson, Stonewall, senior

Lineman: Dylan Gepford, Westfield, senior

Lineman: Coleman Blakeley, Marshall, senior

End: John Pious, Yorktown, junior

End: Cody Wright, South Lakes, senior

Linebacker: David Onyejekwe, McLean, senior

Linebacker: Tommy Peterson, Marshall, senior

Linebacker: Alex Ward, Battlefield, junior

Linebacker: John Proctor, Herndon, senior

Linebacker: Joey Lacey, Patriot, sophomore

Back: Diego White, South Lakes, senior

Back: Connor Cryan, Marshall, senior

Back: Kyle Canestra, Battlefield, senior

Back: Devin Whitaker, Stonewall Jackson, senior

Back: Jake Reiley, Yorktown

Punter: Abraham Escobar, Osbourn, sophomore

Punt returner: Joseph Dagbe, South Lakes, junior

All-purpose: Wilson Seneca, South Lakes, junior

Defensive player of the year: Eugene Asante, Westfield, senior

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