With the high school spring sports season cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic, parents, booster clubs and others have come up with ways to honor their athletes.

One popular idea has been to celebrate the athlete's accomplishments by having them decorate their front doors with their own design.

Colgan High School’s booster club is one local group who encouraged their spring athletes to dress up their doors for April. The response was overwhelming with over 100 athletes participating.

“The Colgan Sharks Athletic Booster Club wants all our Spring Athletes to know that we are still cheering you on and we want to celebrate what we KNOW would have been an amazing spring season full of District Championships and Regional/State playoff games. We all miss watching you play, washing uniforms and eating from the concession stand!"

A number of Colgan athletes shared their thoughts about what they will miss most about the 2020 spring sports season:

Madison Bouchard: Colgan Lacrosse Midfielder:” I miss my team and bonding with them. We were all so close and we always had the best times together. We always supported each other and we always made sure everyone was doing their best and pushing to finish. I’ll never forget my teammates and everything they’ve done for me.”

Victoria Kennedy: Colgan Crew Senior Captain: “I miss seeing my teammates every day and not being on the water.”f

Everett Catlett: Colgan Baseball Pitcher: “ I miss the feeling of knowing that I would playing baseball at the end of the school day with some of my best friends. Losing that last chance to compete for Colgan and my teammates hurts a lot.”

Morgan Gold: Colgan Tennis: “I miss being a part of such a close knit and encouraging team. We all went out there and no matter how we played everyone would cheer each other on.”

Matt Graves: Colgan Lacrosse Defense: “ I miss my teammates, coaches and game days. A lot of great times over the years.”

Meghan Linder: Colgan Softball Catcher/Utility Player: “I miss being able to look forward to seeing my team and coaches every day. I miss the fun we had on and off the field!”

Ben Gennaro: Colgan Soccer Goalie: “The thing I miss most about the 2020 spring sports season is simply just being around my soccer team. Whether it be practices, games, team meals, or just hanging around it was always such a good time. The brotherhood I have formed with my teammates over the past four years is something that will last forever. So not being with them is what I definitely miss most.”

If you have a photo of a door decoration or of another way you honored your high school athlete, please email the image to David Fawcett at dfawcett@insidenova.com and we will include them in our gallery.

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