Gar-Field High School will induct the following people into its athletics and activities hall of fame Sept. 15.

James Artz, Coach, 1967-1991, football, track and field/ golf

Yvette Baggett, student-athlete, class of 1974, girls basketball

Bill Brown, student-athlete, class of 1970, football, baseball, basketball

Tiffany Evans, student-athlete, class of 2003, track and field

Ralph David George, student-athlete, class of 1963, football, basketball

Bob Greer, coach, 1963-1991, football, basketball, baseball

Chris Kaila, student-athlete, class of 1970, wrestling/tennis

John Kaila, student-athlete, class of 1969, wrestling/tennis

Eber Martinez, student-athlete, class of 2007, boys soccer

Brian McNichol, student-athlete, class of 1992, baseball

Mel Meadows, student-athlete, class of 1968, football/track and field

Alan Miller, student-athlete, class of 1975, football, basketball, track and field

Joe Miller, student-athlete, class of 1982, football, track and field

Chuck Robinson, coach, 1974-1991, football

Kai Roebuck, student-athlete, class of 1998, girls basketball

Bruce Schlegel, student-athlete, class of 1967, football/wrestling/track and field

Shannon Segres, student-athlete, class of 1998, girls basketball

Kira Sims, student-athlete, class of 2000, track and field


Woodbridge High School will induct the following athletes/coaches Oct. 6:

Mary DalSanto - Tennis 1975-1979

Jim Dutrow - Wrestling & Soccer 1992-1996

Logan Farrar - Baseball & Football 2009-2013

Corky Garris - Football 1967-1971

Kristin Gartner - Basketball & Soccer 1993-1997

Barry Gauch - Baseball, Football - 1991-1995

Brian Hicks - Swimming 1990-1994

Brian Lybert - Soccer 2004-2008

Nancy Doggett - Swimming Coach 1996-2004

Mike Malak - Crew Coach 2005-2012

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