After a couple of time outs, Patriot's Keith Jenkins notches the game-winning points on a two-point conversion keeper en route to his team's 29-28 win over Forest Park on Friday, Sept. 10, 2021.


Jakari Lewis (Osbourn) 11-163, 5 TDs vs. Osbourn Park

Keith Jenkins (Patriot) 26-153, 2 TDs vs. Forest Park

Davis Bryson (Freedom) 14-127, 3 TDs vs. Stone Bridge

Chris Clarke (Forest Park) 8-95, 1 TD vs. Patriot


Davis Bryson (Freedom) 16-26-0, 277, 2 TDs vs. Stone Bridge

Tyler Rekdal (Hylton) 10-21-1, 267, 4 TDs vs. Briar Woods 

Blake Moore (Unity Reed) 9-23-4, 167, 2 TDs vs. Woodbridge

Quadir Thomas (Woodbridge) 13-21-0, 130, 1 TD vs. Unity Reed

Scott Bateman (Patriot) 9-18-0, 106, 1 TD vs. Forest Park

Quinton Pulley (Forest Park) 6-14-0, 96, 1 TD vs. Patriot


Kam Courtney (Freedom) 6-116, 1 TD vs. Stone Bridge

Dylan Wright (Hylton) 5-182, 3 TDs vs. Briar Woods 

Malik Hunter (Woodbridge) 5-62, 1 TD vs. Unity Reed

Siyah Smith (Freedom) 4-67, 1 TD vs. Stone Bridge

Todd Diamond (Woodbridge) 4-48 vs. Unity Reed

DaShaun Gibson (Unity Reed) 3-109 vs. Woodbridge

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