Freedom Remains Unbeaten Defeating Unity Reed 42-0

Freedom's Aaron Duncan (11) leaps above Unity Reed defenders in the end zone to make the catch and extend Freedom's lead 14-0. Photo by Doug Stroud Photography


Koven Smith (Gainesville) 25-163, 2 TDs vs. Freedom-South Riding

Jeffery Overton Jr. (Freedom-Woodbridge) 17-147 1 TD vs. Unity Reed

Nico Orlando (Brentsville) 25-137, 3 TDs vs. James Wood

Jackson McCarter (Patriot) 19-122 vs. Gar-Field

Jovan Clark (Forest Park) 22-117, 1 TD vs. Briar Woods


Tristan Evans (Freedom-Woodbridge) 23-29-0, 252, 5 TDs vs. Unity Reed

Ryan Westhoff (Colgan) 13-21-0, 166, 1 TD vs. John Champe

Caleb Alexander (Brentsville) 15-25-1, 161, 1 TD vs. James Wood

Quinton Pulley (Forest Park) 15-21-1, 155, 1 TD vs. Briar Woods

Scott Bateman (Patriot) 13-18-1, 139, 2 TDs vs. Gar-Field

Amaan Lewis (Woodbridge) 8-11-1, 128, 1 TD vs. Massaponax

Braden Boggs (Battlefield) 6-7-0, 113, 2 TDs vs. Hylton


Aaron Duncan (Freedom-Woodbridge) 7-84, 1 TD vs. Unity Reed

Gabe Bigbee (Patriot) 6-77, 1 TD vs. Gar-Field

Ja’bari Odeomenem (Woodbridge) 5-66 vs. Massaponax

JuJu Preston (Freedom-Woodbridge) 5-60, 2 TDs vs. Unity Reed

Kam Courtney (Freedom-Woodbridge) 5-49, 1 TD vs. Unity Reed

Will Johnson (Brentsville) 5-49, 1 TD vs. James Wood

Aiden McClafferty (Gainesville) 4-51 vs. Freedom-South Riding

Andrew Perry (Forest Park) 4-42, 1 TD vs. Briar Woods

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