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Andre Kidd (Manassas Park) 20-159 vs. Maret

Jerrod Woods (Forest Park) 8-149, 2 TDs vs. Annandale

James Kabba (Potomac) 9-127 vs. Osbourn

Devin Fleming (Osbourn Park) 19-124, 2 TDs vs. Herndon

Colby Bonds (Hylton) 22-116, 1 TD vs. West Potomac

Keyon Avila (Osbourn Park) 9-110 vs. Herndon

Xavier Albea (Stonewall Jackson) 9-110 vs. Gar-Field


Quest Powell (Freedom) 11-12-0, 238, 4 TDs vs. Riverbend

Pete Woolfrey (Potomac) 14-34-1, 214, 2 TDs vs. Osbourn

Chance Hollingsworth (Osbourn) 21-45-2, 210, 2 TDs vs. Potomac

Tyler Mitchell (Hylton) 11-22-0, 184, 3 TDs vs. West Potomac

Cody Rogers (Patriot) 11-20-0, 170 vs. Mountain View

Toviel Jung (Stonewall Jackson) 9-13-0, 169, 1 TD vs. Gar-Field

Bishop Fitzgerald (Gar-Field) 9-20-2, 140 vs. Stonewall Jackson


Desean Chenault (Hylton) 7-138, 1 TD vs. West Potomac

Luke Spall (Osbourn) 7-116, 2 TDs vs. Potomac

Cameron Dixon (Manassas Park) 6-68, 1 TD vs. Maret

Jedaiah Dancy (Gar-Field) 5-94 vs. Stonewall Jackson

Raquan Washington (Osbourn) 5-63 vs. Potomac

Rakim Lamarre (Potomac) 5-48 vs. Osbourn

Umari Hatcher (Freedom) 4-128, 3 TDs vs. Riverbend

Areeb Rashid (Forest Park) 4-69 vs. Annandale

James Kabba (Potomac) 4-65, 1 TD vs. Osbourn

Elijah Reese (Stonewall Jackson) 4-41, 1 TD vs. Gar-Field

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