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Just sad that our supervisors would not ok a new stadium. Instead they entertain a new indoor running track. Lucky Burg residents get a new stadium, and a concert venue. Our loss their gain.


If His Lordship, Art Silber, had proposed a stadium that could double as a concert venue, your whine would be valid. He just wanted us to pay for a stadium to seat his invisible 4,500 fans.

It's not sad our supervisors torpedoed the stadium, it's fantastic.


Uh, that is what could have happened here. The proposed stadium would have doubled as a event facility that could have hosted other events on non-game days. I was at every board meeting when this was discussed. There was a lot of lies and misinformation that was spread, and people bought into it. I can not wait to take my anger out at the polls this fall.


And you know what will happen. They will tear down Pfitzner and the county will approve 10,000 new homes to be built back there.


The pictures don't seem to show the 4500+ fan attendance. Maybe most of them were in the concession lines which were phenomenally long. Seems the attendance number discrepancy would be a great story for a local news source.


Saw in article from a couple days ago, the team had fifty, 50, ticket holders in 2018. 50. Really? 50!? Good luck, F'burg.


This is one of the worst sites on the internet. You start to read a story, and in about 10 seconds it starts to re load. Then when it finally settles down you get about 3 pages into the story, and it starts re re re-loading all over again and you find yourself back at page 1. I suggest that you hire some 12 year old kid to run this website because the person who is running it right now is clueless.

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