This past Saturday, Veterans Park had some major time improvements.

Zaleeya Baa dropped 10.82 seconds in the Girls 11-12 100 IM with a final time of 2:04.01S

Jacob Garcia dropped 5.06 seconds in the Boys 9-10 50 Free with a final time of 1:07.91S

Desirae Loiseau dropped an astounding 27.61 seconds in the Girls 9-10 50 Free with a final time of 1:35.75S

Coach Owens pick for Swimmer of the Week is Anna Lopez-Terashima:

"Anna's team support and camaraderie is highly encouraging for the team and it never goes unnoticed."


On a day where the heat index was over 100 degrees, the Braemar Blasters proved too hot to handle for the Victory Lakes Piranhas. With roughly 60% of all swims being new legal swims of best times, optimism is high with the Red Division Championship meet just two weeks away.

Braemar Head Coach Nick Kulick was especially enthusiastic about the progress made by all members of the swim team, both young and old, and their continuing improvement in their races: “We had many of our younger swimmers getting new legal swims as well as some older swimmers that have just recently joined our team” he said, noting that he was excited to see swimmers qualify each week to swim the full lineup of three individual events.

Braemar’s final duel meet takes place in a home contest against the Piedmont Tsunamis on July 24, where they will be celebrating their departing seniors.


The Wellington Dolphins swam up a division to face the Dominion Valley Sharks at home. The Dolphins did not win, but there were many time drops, broken records, and loud cheering. Despite the scorching temperatures on the deck, Dolphin swimmers continued shattering records, breaking 2 individual and 3 relays records this week.

Congratulations to the following individual record breakers: Nika Picardo, Girls 13-14 100 IM and Brayden Wence, Boys 15-19 100 IM. Congratulations also to the Dolphins relay team record breakers: Ian Millsaps, Max Hu-Atienza, Lionel Martinez, Cruz Liu, Boys 11-12 100 Medley Relay; Nika Picardo, Emma Lavedas, Caroline Luetkenhaus, Alaina Grocholski, Girls 13-14 200 Medley Relay; and Alaina Grocholski, Valentina Manko, Emma Lavedas, Nika Picardo; Girls 13-14 200 Freestyle Relay. 164 Dolphin swimmers dropped time, including 37 swimmers who had triple time drops. Next week, Wellington will swim against the Westridge Waves at their pool.

PIEDMONT 2,760, SUDLEY 2,508

On a very hot and humid morning on Saturday, the Piedmont Tsunamis defeated the Sudley Seahorses in a Blue Division matchup. Each week, Sudley Head Coach Dennis Miller addresses the team at the final practice before the meet. This week, Dennis’ speech was about how winning feels good in the short-term, but what is important is for all of our swimmers to become good people. Although Sudley came up short this week, the team was able to reflect the sportsmanship, determination, and team spirit that is important to the entire Seahorse nation.

Alex Grocholski, Nathan Luevano, Nicolas Chierico and Landon Craft set a new club record in the Boys 13-14 200-meter Medley Relay again this week with a time of 2:01.50 breaking the club record of 2:01.97 set last week.

In a long standing tradition each week a few hours after the meet the Seahorse swim team and their families gather to recognize the team’s accomplishments at that week’s meet with a ribbon ceremony where Dennis Miller, the Seahorse Head Coach calls each swimmer up in front of the crowd and hands out placement and achievement ribbons. This week’s top ribbon achievers are:

Swimmers with 8 Ribbons: Thomas Klump

Swimmers with 7 Ribbons: Angelo Chierco, Jake Moats, Jamie Moats, Natalie O’Connor, and Hadley Simpson

Swimmers with 6 Ribbons: Eli Barrett, Kate Beemer, Benjamin Cooper, Alex Grocholski, Shane Hudson, Jane Judge, Nathan Luevano, Joey Lynch, Avila Manthooth, Henry Millette, Kylie Payne, Charlotte Simpson, and Samantha Utley

Next week: The Seahorses host the Kingsbrooke Sea Lions in the final dual meet of the season.

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