The press box members at Gar-Field practice social distancing not unlike the home fans in the stands below during the team's game against Freedom on Friday, March 26, 2021.

Starting today, Virginia will increase spectator capacity for high school athletic events.

Gov. Ralph Northam announced an update March 23 to Executive Order 72 that will increase spectator limits for recreational sports from 25 to 100 for indoor events and from 250 to 500 for outdoor events.

In addition, Prince William County Public Schools will permit visiting fans alongside home fans for sporting contests beginning today, Thursday, April 1.

The school division said spectators as well are participants are still required to wear face coverings.

Schools will also start charging for admission to athletic events, April 1.

Each school will determine how many tickets to give to the visiting team so the home team is able to have their families attend the contests.

For football, the home team will receive more tickets to accommodate the families of cheerleaders, dance and band members.

The 2020-21 high school sports season began with Prince William County allowing no fans for any sports during the winter season.

For the start of Season 2, the school system, in adherence to the governor’s mandate, allowed a maximum of 250 spectators for outdoor events like football games, but only for the home team. The games were not open to the general public and there was no charge to attend the football games.

David Fawcett is the sports editor for InsideNoVa.com. Reach him at dfawcett@insidenova.com


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