Stonewall Jackson graduate Tim Settle of the Washington Footall Team eyes the action from the sidelines during his team's game against the visiting Detroit Lions on Sunday, Nov. 24, 2019 at FedExField in Landover, Maryland.

On a talented frontline filled with first-rounders, Stonewall Jackson High School graduate Tim Settle has still made in impact as a reserve defensive tackle for the Washington Football Team.

But his amount of playing time remained limited to spot appearances in his first two years as well the first three games this season. But that’s about to change Sunday when Washington hosts the Baltimore Ravens.

The former Virginia Tech standout is expected to carry a heavier workload against the Ravens after Matt Ioannidis suffered a torn bicep last Sunday at Cleveland. Washington’s rotation opened up even more with Ryan Anderson and Chase Young nursing injuries.

Washington defensive coordinator Jack Del Rio believes the 23-year-old Settle is up to the challenge.

“We think he’s a good player; he just happens to be stuck behind three really talented guys,” Del Rio said. “Obviously with Matt going down, he’s going to get a chance to play a little bit more. It’s up to him to take advantage of it. But, I like the way he’s working. I’ve liked the way he’s worked at it the whole way long. I’m excited for him to get this opportunity to get out there and play more.”

Del Rio said Settle is preparing the same way he always has. Settle, a fifth-round pick by Washington in 2018, has five total tackles this season, three of which came against Cleveland.

The 6-foot-3, 308-pound Settle has appeared in 34 total games, including one start. He recorded 14 total tackles, two sacks and two tackles for loss in 2019.

“Nothing different, just recognizing who he’s going to be playing against, what his job is, his keys are,” Del Rio said. “It’s basically him getting an opportunity is what it’s about. It’s next man up. I tried to stay away from that cliché yesterday, but that’s what it is. You have to have the next guy ready. He’s played some and he’s played in the backup role. He’s going to continue to play in the support role, but his numbers should increase. I know he’s excited about the possibility.”

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I’m happy for Timmy and look forward to seeing him on the field more often.

PWC resident since '69

So these idiots (Insidenova) are saying my wife graduated from U R High inthe 80s? Not!


Journalism is dead. His diploma says STONEWALL JACKSON HIGH SCHOOL. But hey, you are "woke" which is code name for politically correct and also anti-American history. How's your subscriber revenue these days? Poor I know, but how bad is it?


Washington Football Team ... what a stupid lame name

PWC resident since '69

Redskins will return in 2021 when the new “cause of the day” emerges...well played Dan! Love the stalling tactic!


Todd - you are correct! InsideNova trying to be PC and "woke"


Tim Settle did not graduate from UR High. In fact, no one has graduated from there yet.

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