Yorktown sideline huddle

Much talking occurs in early-season football games, like during this Yorktown High School game. (Photo by Dave Facinoli)

There is always a lot to talk about during football games on all levels by the many involved in the action.

During those initial contests of the season, it seems there is even more for everyone to discuss. Just watch one of those games, especially on the high- school or youth level. It’s almost like there is more talking going on than actual game-playing. 

There are more early-season timeouts called by the coaches so they can talk to and teach the specifics to players and the particular units, or because there are lineup issues – like too few or too many players for one of the special-teams units.

Each squad is allotted three timeouts per half. They are almost all used during those early contests. 

It’s also a familiar scene to witness game officials talking a lot among themselves with endless huddles to figure out the many penalties called, or to discuss a particular rule, and sometimes not agreeing. Those same officials are often also talking and explaining more to coaches than usual during those early-season outings.

Sometimes coaches get confused over the rules, too, like the officials.

Coaches and players often huddle more along the sidelines to re-explain exact strategies and assignments. Coaches also have more one-on-one discussions with players.

Even announcers tend to talk more in early games, often doing more explaining than normal.

All of that talking leads to constant delays and breaks in the action, which is very annoying and results in lengthy games.

But that’s early-season football, which is being played on the high-school level in March and April after the traditional fall season was postponed because of the pandemic.

Those much-to-discuss talking routines and the officials’ many huddles thankfully begin to subside as the season goes on. At least that’s the hope going forward.

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