Arlington soccer player

Sienna Merrill was one of the soccer marathon runners.

The team’s goal was to raise $5,000. It nearly doubled that total.

Not permitted to practice or have games during the COVID-19 pandemic shutdown, an Arlington Soccer Association girls travel team stayed active nonetheless by amassing $9,011 for a fund-raiser.

The 2007G DA soccer team of mostly seventh-grade players held a charity marathon called “Kickin COVID.” The proceeds went to the Arlington Food Assistance Center, and the money already has been donated.

Each team member separately ran a 26-mile marathon, some in stages.

The races were completed by Saturday, May 16. The players ran on various streets and paths throughout Arlington.

None of the players had previously run a marathon. Some players ran two half marathons, and some paced themselves a few miles per day, all eventually reaching their golf of completing 26 miles.

 Each player asked friends and family to sponsor their runs, and the money began accumlating quickly, according to the team.

In all, the squad amassed 419.2 miles of running.

The captains of the Arlington team are Sienna Merrill and Danicka Miller. The other players are Audrey McKeen, Bryce Christiansen, Charlotte Kulikosky, Ella Radus, Foley Robertson, Frances Shapiro, Genevieve Lose, Helen Bonner, Jaya Kelly, Laney Jensen, Stella Corso, Zoe Pagonis and Zuri Johnson.

Gerardo Ramirez is the head coach of the soccer team – he ran a marathon, as well.

The Arlington squad now is hoping to resume its season or practices in coming weeks.

The team’s campaign donation page can be found at:

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