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Sports fans can be very different. Some watch and follow for the action and personalities of the games and events, maybe hoping to get the occasional autograph or catch a foul ball.

Others could care less about any of that. It’s all about the statistics for them – whether baseball, basketball, football, soccer, softball, ice hockey or something else. Those fans don’t read stories about the contests nearly as much, if at all. Instead, they go right to the stat lines and study thoroughly.

Some fans even keep statistical  notebooks they update regularly.

Stats always have been a big part of sports for fans, but have become much more so over the years. New statistics for particular sports and games are created all the time now.

With the statistical analytics in so many sports, percentages about everything are a big deal. For example, there are percentages kept for how many times a pitcher throws a curveball, changeup, fastball or slider on a 1-2 count during a season, or any other count.

Staying with baseball, a boxscore for a single game used to be simple to read, with only all the most important stats, like hits, RBI, runs scored and so on. Now, boxscores can include much more, sometimes making them confusing to read and determining what is what.

There are even stats-only Websites for many sports.

Many game stats are kept electronically by individuals on laptops. Only the old-timers prefer to still keep stats by hand, using a pencil in case there is a need to erase a mistake.

The great thing about pencils is they don’t need batteries to keep working. They also work in the rain and don’t need to be protected from getting wet, like any laptop.

Going forward, statistics are likely to become a bigger and bigger part of sports, but that’s for some, much more than others.

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