Overlee pool sign

Overlee pool in Arlington has been the home of many outstanding summertime swimmers and memories for those who have watched them compete.

Reporting on local high-school and community sports over many years in the Sun Gazette’s coverage areas in Arlington and Fairfax counties often brings back countless memories when driving past various venues where certain events occurred.

There are many fields or gymnasiums that leave one, two, three or dozens more of those memories.

For instance, driving past Overlee pool in Arlington on Lee Highway brings to mind a number of summer-morning swimming meets and watching so many outstanding swimmers. Also just off Lee Highway are Bishop O’Connell and Yorktown high schools. There are countless memories at each involving so many sports and different athletes.

Recently being alongside Springfield Country Club brought to mind last fall’s Girls State Open high-school golf state-championship tournament on two nice-weather afternoons. That’s where multi-sport Yorktown senior Lacey McCormack participated.

Any time spent in McLean and Vienna and near the various high schools or Little League complexes there circulate more memories. Flint Hill near Vienna won back-to-back Division I state high-school football championships on its home field in 2017 and 2018.

The Marshall High football team opened its 2019 campaign on its home field Aug. 30. Just yards away is the girls softball field. That was the diamond which provided much excitement during the spring, when the Marshall team played in two big region-tournament playoff games. One was a notable semifinal upset and the other a loss in the region final.

Basically, any drive anywhere in Northern Virginia – and a lot of places into Maryland, D.C.  and other parts of the commonwealth – past so many different sports venues recycles so many thoughts and nothing but a ton of great sports memories.

There are many more to come.

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