Marshall and W-L football

Washington-Liberty and Marshall are playing in the same district this school year. (Photo by Deb Kolt)

A good thing about the 2021-22 high-school sports year has been a shift of some local teams moving to more appropriate districts.

The Marshall Statesmen and Wakefield Warriors, languishing in the National District for the past half-dozen years or so, have moved to the Liberty District. That means natural neighborhood rivalries will resume again between Marshall and the McLean Highlanders and the Langley Saxons, along with Wakefield rejoining Arlington rivals Washington-Liberty and Yorktown in the Liberty.

Those are annual rivalries that have not always occurred in recent seasons. Now, those contests will exist in all sports between those local teams during this school year, and going forward, hopefully many more. Let there be no more breaking up of natural rivalries, please, in any future re-districting adjustments.

Marshall and Wakefield never should have been separated from those rivals in the first place. McLean and Marshall are only a couple of miles apart, so that’s a perfect natural rivalry, too. Yet all of those teams didn’t always play for a while in those different districts.

The three Arlington schools should always have remained together, no matter what ill-advised reasonings were used for moving Wakefield away from Washington-Liberty and Yorktown for much too long.

Anytime there are regular-season varsity girls and boys basketball doubleheaders between any of those Arlington teams, the crowds are huge – sometimes sold out – and the vocal student sections large and screaming loud. The action is always intense and the games often very tightly played. It’s must-see stuff.

Now that a wrong has been righted and Marshall and Wakefield again  placed where they should be, let those rivalries resume and continue for many, many seasons.

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