Albert Jacquez baseball photo

This was one of many Madison High School baseball photos Albert Jacquez took of that sport and many others at the school. (Photo by Albert Jacquez)

His absence has been very evident.

For years, Albert Jacquez was so often on hand with his cameras, taking outstanding pictures of so many athletic events at Madison High School.

No matter the sport, if there was a big game or event involving Madison – home or away – Jacquez was in attendance making a photographic account. Some of his pictures, always top-notch, appeared in the Sun Gazette over the years.

Jacquez didn’t want to be paid, and didn’t care if he received a photo credit. He was just happy to help and provide pictures that promoted Madison Warhawks athletics. Basically, the much likeable Jacquez became the photographic eyes of the Warhawks’ sports nation.

Unfortunately, Jacquez, 65, is not on hand any longer. He died Aug. 18 while traveling to a favorite vacation spot. Goodness knows he is missed.

“Albert was a fixture in the Madison community,” Madison football coach Justin Counts said. “He and his wife, Lynn, have been super generous with their time and continued support. When the games start this fall, I will start looking around for Albert and will miss him not being here.”

Jacquez and his wife were maybe the biggest supporters and helpers for head coach Mark Gjormand’s accomplished Madison baseball team, making annual out-of-town spring-break trips with the squad. Albert ran the baseball team’s Website.

“What they did for our program and the whole school over many years, and never wanted for anything in return, was amazing,” Gjormand said.

Jacquez first began taking photos of Madison events when his sons Alex and Evan played on sport teams at the school. When kids graduate from high school, their parents, no matter how helpful with a team, most usually make the break too and move on.

Not Albert Jacquez. He remained, taking countless first-class photos for his beloved Warhawks Nation.

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