Wakefield pole vaulter

Justin Delgado pole vaults for Wakefield. (From Wakefield)

The Washington-Liberty Generals and Wakefield Warriors had some strong performances in their opening meets of the indoor track and field season.

The W-L girls and boys each defeated South Lakes on Jan. 2. The girls won, 51-39, as did the boys 48-46.

Leading the W-L girls was double winner Ally Obenberger in the 1,600- (5:40) and 1,000-meter (3:38.89) races, winner Jasmeen Tinsley in the high jump (4-8) and winner Da’Maya Johnson in the shot put (27-4).

Anna Rupert was second for the Generals in the 55- and 300 dash races and Riley Johnson was runner-up in the shot. Third were Charlotte Weir in the 1,000, Grace Miller in the 55 hurdles,  Celeste Clark in the 55 dash and Clara Grimmelbein in the 500. Alena Topchy was fourth in the 55 hurdles and seventh in the 300, Emily Cunningham was fourth in the 1,600, Kaitlyn Fado placed fifth in the 500 and Clark sixth in the 300.

The 4x200 relay won.

Leading Washington-Liberty boys was double winner Bilgunn Soronzonbold in the 500 (1:15.04) and triple jump (34-71/2); he also was third in the 55 hurdles. Bryson Files won the high jump (5-4) and was fourth in the 55 dash, and Alexis Medina won the shot (35-31/2).

Jackson Broadwell won the long jump (17-0) and took second in the triple jump. Second were Noah Krischer (500), James Licato (1,600), Kian Thomasbeer (long jump) and Alex Nelson (shot).

Files anchored the winning 4x200 relay.

For the Wakefield boys in two different meets, Carlos Alvarado won and finished third in the 55 dash and was second in the 200. Nadim Abdu won the 1,600 (5:05.64) was second in the 1,000 and third in the 300.

Justin Delgado won the 55 hurdles (8.87). Second were John Kumashiro in the 1,000, Adam Hammoudi in the 1,000, Josue Florian-Gran in the shot and the 4x800 relay had a first.

For the Wakefield girls, Brianna Breyault won the 1,600 (5:58) and 3,200 (13:01.45), Kareena Stowers won the 1,000 twice, Hannah Lewis was first in the 500, Bailey Reeves won the long jump, Lenny Veliz was first in the high jump, Courtney Hanley won the 1,600, Stephanie Spranger was second in the 1,600 and third in the 500, and the 4x400 relay won.

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