was he watching Cuties ? Michelle Obama remains silent ... sad ... always follow the money

never trust a governor that dressing in black face

abolish school boards

shocker !! NOT. Bad mismanagement, over paid to say the least. Horrible leadership, poor service. And I'm sure the tax payers will keep getting bent over to pay for this crap. O yes ... the congestion relief tax scam on home sellers -- more to come I'm sure.

it's good to be a demoncrat ... sex assault claims ... who cares ? I will run for Gov. I guess racist Northam wasn't bad enough.

mafia state controls the alcohol business, and they brag on having improved sales ? "28 people die in drunk driving crashes every day in the U.S., or one every 51 minutes" and that's not even all the medical issues people suffer from

twisted sense of pride to say the least

too many sellers are taken advantage of ... selling their homes way way less than they should. this model takes advantage of the unknowing. even "as is" sellers can get a lot more money if put on the open market. and this can be done without paying commissions to real estate agents -- tha…

I love the fact these "republicans" keep outing themselves .. they are and have been the biggest part of the problem. They have made millions being war mongers and life long swamp dwellers. t e r m l i m i t s please !

the same for alcohol and meth as well -- but why stop there ?

how much is this costing the city ? this will encourage crowds to form. NUTTY.

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