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Sacagawea Lax

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Its "reasoning" is somewhat similar to the VA Lottery, where profits obtained of both go over to the State Dept. of Education and/or the General fund, in VABCs case.

Not to mention, each are very streamlined and efficient government agencies th…

O.k., fair enough,

So long as this the following doesn't start happening in the Commonwealth, or any other state for that matter, which will be coming soon to a District of Columbia near you.

Well, perhaps not. The government vibe is so staunch in the District, the willing par…

So with that logic, racism is "party dependent." and that racism actually Isn't racism at all by definition, but a construct of a party platform. Just because one calls to "denounce" racism, does not make that person free of racism. Actions, both in the public eye and behind the scenes, n…

and I'd look forward to hearing your response to John's comments, instead you threw shade at mine in typical weak fashion, like your screen name.

Who's the imbecile, really.

@ Lon G Johnson

Hmm...Judging by your screen-name here, theres not much to say to your comment. In addition, my comment was directed to John's response.



Good rebuddle,

I'm all ears for your next lesson.

But I would be curious to ask you about the Bill of Rights and to whether or not you think that applies to upholding our democracy. Because as far as I see it, for the anti-oligarch that you are which I commend, the oligarchs f…

Per the Prince William County Police Website:

Q: What is Neighborhood Watch?

A: A Neighborhood Watch is an organized effo…


Hence the reason of the Neighborhood Watch information I posted for all below, especially if these neighborhoods are dealing with an uptick of crime, which is not unheard of either especially during this time of the year.

If you want a more community-based policing, here…

Dont count on it,

InsideCrapola wont even post about the coverup of FCPD. what makes you think they are "for the people?"

For those who choose to Not pursue a career in vigilante justice in their respective neighborhoods:

Per the Prince William County Police Website:…

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