Antonio Marisol

That Robl, Prince William’s corrupt County Attorney is defending them even is lieing to exonerate them

even in the face of a clear violation is disgusting and should be grounds for terminating her employment.

Correct. Jason Stanford is a lobbyist tool.

Spot on, Brad. Though Bush and Clinton let just as many of them in also.

As a Hispanic I thank you guys for being willing to tell the truth here. Something the author of their article was clearly too afraid to do.

Of course Savage isn’t demanding that the people affected be allowed to go back to work.

Yes. Please define “systemic racism”. If you can’t then that says a lot.

Antonio Marisol commented on Guzman weighing run for lieutenant governor

Elizabeth Guzman does NOT speak for the legal Latino community. Her main priority is helping those who have broken the law to escape the consequences of their actions.

Here here. With much greater character.

You forgot to mention this in your attempt to cover for the left:

You “conveniently” forgot to report on this:

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