By shooting at the vehicle, granny could have kept her from hitting her house which then would have been a threat to her. Also its possible that she saved lives that the drunk driver could have taken by continuing to drive drunk for an extended period

Allen, what were your thoughts when it took Al Gore 37 days to concede the 2000 election?

Your political persuasion determines what you watch and all of the media play to their crowd. You do have those on the right that watch FNC, OAN, Newsmax etc. They read Breitbart, National Review, Washington Examiner and the Federalist. Those on the left watch CNN and MSNBC and read The N…

@larryclyons, your elitism is showing

it has less to do with coronavirus and more to do with the fact that Herring doesn't like guns and he found a way to cancel it

@ralf27 we get that you don't like guns but all you have to do is not go. its not your decision to decide what is or isn't needed for the rest of the people

I remember when Joe Scarborough was a legit conservative. Before Mika castrated him

and you don't think the same applies to CNN and MSNBC with their contempt and hatred for all things Trump?

You shouldn't assume what someone has and hasn't read. It could come back and get you. You should also not assume one is a "Trumpanzee" because they hold a different political view than you. For the record, I am a Libertarian. I see a lot of your posts and you seem to have massive anger i…

Just a demonrat right?

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