But it's important to note that "the incident was handled swiftly." What a bunch of nonsense. He rode the bus, got to school, mingled around and got some chow. How the heck is that handling it swiftly?

So sorry for him.

And yet another shooting in Stafford. Yay Board of Supers. You $$$ uck!

And the crime keeps rising in Stafford county thanks for the POS board of supers who think you cannot have too many subdivision. Greed and power leads to crime and corruption. Stafford county is not a place I want to retire at and I will leave as soon as I can. What a $ hit hole!

What's wrong with this county are Libtards like you who only "know the facts", and want to hear only your own opinions and others that parrot you. If anyone disagrees or sides otherwise, your snappy response is: "your parents should limit your computer time." It never ceases to amaze me h…

Dog Lives Matter!

And the world is sure going to miss him. NOT!

Another, above the law, POS.

And you should smoke more dope!

Good question. A poor attempt to take the spotlight off his sorry butt.